Netflix’s Terminator Zero Anime to Premiere On August 29

The first look of the series has been released as well. 

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The anime series based on the Terminator movie property, Skydance Animation and Production I.G.’s Terminator Zero, was unveiled by Netflix on Wednesday. It will make its global debut on the service on August 29.

The first look of the series has been released as well.

terminator4 terminator3 terminator2.png terminator1

The staff includes:

  • Showrunner, executive producer, wirer: Mattson Tomlin
  • Executive Producers: David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Don Granger
  • Director: Masashi Kudo

The series was originally ordered by the corporation in 2021, and in November, a teaser was released.

The Terminator franchise’s rights holders had intended to release a collection of animated shorts by renowned European and Japanese “auteurs” in 2008, however, the project was not carried out as scheduled.

Though it revolves around fresh characters, the eight-episode series is set in the Terminator universe. Netflix explains the plot of the series:

2022: A never-ending army of machines and the few human survivors have been engaged in a conflict for decades. 1997 saw the self-aware AI known as Skynet launch its attack on humanity.

A soldier sent back in time to alter the course of human history finds himself caught between the past and the future. She shows up in 1997 to defend Malcolm Lee, a scientist working on launching a new artificial intelligence system to counter Skynet’s looming invasion on humanity.

Malcolm is being pursued by a relentless assassin from the future who is trying to change the course of his three children’s lives forever as he works through the moral difficulties of his creation.

Source: ANN