Netflix Teases Terminator Anime

The series will be animated by Production I.G. in collaboration with Skydance Entertainment.


On November 12, Netflix released a teaser for the anime based on the hit film franchise Terminator.

The series is being made by Production I.G. in collaboration with Skydance Entertainment.

Although the teaser does not share a release date, it states the series is coming soon.

The series was first ordered in 2021, and Mattson Tomlin is serving as the showrunner and executive producer.

Initially, the franchise planned to release Termination, a collection of animated shorts created by leading European and Japanese “auteurs,” in 2008. However, the project was not released in the following year, failing the plan.

Termination was supposed to focus on Judgment Day, the pivotal day in the Terminator franchise.

The iconic T-800 robot, a time-traveling weapon of the Skynet, has played the roles of both antagonist and protagonist in multiple Terminator projects.

T-800 also made an official cameo in the popular Doraemon TV anime in June 2009.

The Japanese press described it as a dream match-up as Doraemon, the title’s character, is also a time-traveling robot, here a cat that came from the future.

Source: Netflix’s YouTube