Naruto Game Shows Alternate Universe Where Sakura Became The Main Character

The game’s account uploads many such videos

Sakura Haruno from Naruto/Boruto

Recently, a new video from the Naruto mobile game is going viral on social media websites for showing a “What If..” that fans have thought of for years!

The video shows what would’ve happened if Sakura had unlocked the Byakugo seal as a Genin!

The video shows Sakura successfully protecting Naruto and Sasuke during the Chunin exams arc instead of just watching by at the start.

It then shows Sakura easily defeating Ino in the Chunin exam finals, stopping Sasuke from leaving the village, and even fighting Sasori and Pain!

The video ends with Sakura happily marrying Sasuke, with Itachi present at the wedding, as Sakura manages to save Sasuke from walking the path of vengeance.

Sakura fans are loving this video and the game’s concept of building up on these what-ifs that fans have always pondered about!

Source: Twitter