Moriarty’s Perfect Crime Novel’s “Light Anime” To Debut On July 19

A “light anime” has a more straightforward animation style, saving money and effort.

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©黒銘菓・エブリスタ/YUZU comics/DNP/「モリアーティー」製作委員会

On Thursday, Animation ID announced that Kuromeika’s Moriarty’s Perfect Crime novels are inspiring a “light anime”, which will debut on July 19. 

The staff includes: 

  • Chief Director: Yōsuke Kubo
  • Director: Mikiko Furukawa
  • Sound Director: Yuichi Imaizumi 
  • Sound Effects: Hiroki Nozaki

The anime stars: 

  • Ryōta Suzuki as James Moriarty
  • Yuri Noguchi as Sherry Moriarty
  • Kurumi Sakamoto as Porgrette Whey Cochon
  • Saiko Moriya as Miss Fairlady

The narrative was first published by Kuromeika in 2019 on the Shōsetsuka ni Narō website and other websites, including Kakuyomu. The most recent update was on June 16.

A “light anime” has a more straightforward animation style, saving money and effort.

The first “light anime” from Animation ID is an adaptation of Maarui Kanojo, a web manga by Izumi Hayama and illustrator Yachiyo Okamura, to the Zannen na Kareshi web manga. It debuted on CBC TV on June 7 and is available for streaming on several Japanese services, such as d animation Store.

Comikey is releasing the webtoon adaptation in English, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese, and it describes the series:

James Moriarty, the most fearsome criminal, met his demise after a confrontation with a famous detective at a certain waterfall. 

He found himself possessed by a beautiful young lady from another world, and what he saw there was the insidious abuse by other noble daughters. 

He has no memory, but his brain is still the same. He wields the power of his lucid mind and the perfect crime equation to the fullest for the sake of only one girl in a world without a great detective. 

The bullied young lady dies and is reborn as Moriarty, a villainess without blood or tears.

Source: ANN