Monogatari Series Off & Monster Season to Debut on July 6

monogatar july 6
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On Friday, the staff of the Monogatari Series Off & Monster Season anime revealed that the anime will debut on July 6 exclusively on the AEMBA service in Japan.

A new PV has been released as well:

The staff includes:

  • Chief Director: Akiyuki Simbo
  • Director: Midori Yoshizawa
  • Script Supervisor: Fuyashi Tou
  • Scriptwriter: Miku Ooshima
  • Character Design: Akio Watanabe
  • Chief Animation Director: Akio Watanabe, Nobuhiro Sugiyama, Kana Miyai
  • Music composition: Satoru Kōsaki
  • Art Director: Hisaharu Iijima
  • Color Key Artist: Yasuko Watanabe
  • CG Director: Hisato Shima
  • Compositing Director of Photography: Hiyori
  • Hashimoto, Mizuho Ishikawa
  • Editing: Rie Matsubara
  • Sound Director: Yota Tsuruoka

The books from NisiOisin’s Monogatari series, Off Season and Monster Season, will be adapted by the returning company SHAFT. The anime is being “produced” this year, according to the original statement.

The two-volume Bakemonogatari tale, which launched NisiOisin’s novel series in 2006, provided the framework for the first novel adaption to be adapted into an anime in 2009.

The “final season” of the novel series concluded in September 2014 with Zoku Owarimonogatari, but it included a teaser for “Monogatari Series, Next Season Tsugimonogatari.”

Orokamonogatari, Wazamonogatari, Nademonogatari, and Musubimonogatari are the four “Off Season” volumes that shipped in October 2015, January 2016, July 2016, and January 2017, in that order.

A collection of short stories set at various stages during the series are told in the volumes.

The Shinobumonogatari novel marked the beginning of the novel series’ “Monster Season” in July 2017.

Yoimonogatari, Amarimonogatari, Ōgimonogatari, and the two-volume Shinomonogatari novel, which delivered in August 2021, are among the other novels in the season.

The series is continued in the novels, which are set in a college.

Ikusamonogatari, the most recent book in the series, was released in May 2023.

Source: ANN