Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM Anime Movie Reveals Second Key Visual

The visual’s tagline reads, “Wings of freedom that seize the future.”


On Tuesday, the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM anime movie revealed a second key visual for the movie.

The visual’s tagline reads, “Wings of freedom that seize the future.”

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About Mobile Suit Gundam Seed FREEDOM:

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom is a 2024 Japanese mecha animated film produced by Bandai Namco Filmworks and its animation studio Sunrise and directed by Mitsuo Fukuda.

The film is a sequel to both Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, taking place one year after the events of SEED Destiny.

The film began development since 2006; however, its production was subsequently delayed as a result of the health condition of its primary writer, Chiaki Morosawa.

Following the demise of Morosawa in 2016, the development of the film commenced, culminating in its release on January 26, 2024, hence attaining the distinction of being the most financially successful film within the Gundam franchise.

The official site provides an overall plot of Mobile Suit Gundam Seed FREEDOM as follows:

C.E. (Cosmic Era). An era in which there are human beings called Coordinators, born with superior physical and mental abilities thanks to genetic modification, and humans called Naturals who are born naturally.

The “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED” series depicts the conflict between Coordinators and Naturals within this C.E. setting.

“Mobile Suit Gundam SEED” (2002~2003), set in the year C.E.71~, and “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY” (2004~2005), which depicted C.E.73~, were broadcast as TV animation. The story then continued in various other media.

Now “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM,” depicting an entirely new story set in C.E.75, will make its long-awaited theatrical debut in 2024!

In C.E.75, the fighting still continues.

There are independence movements, and aggression by Blue Cosmos… In order to calm the situation, a global peace monitoring agency called COMPASS is established, with Lacus as its first president.

As members of COMPASS, Kira and his comrades intervene into various regional battles.

Then a newly established nation called Foundation proposes a joint operation against a Blue Cosmos stronghold.

Source: Crunchyroll