“Memorial Movie 2023” Animated Video For Fate/Grand Order Game Revealed

The video features the theme song “Flowers” by Hana Hope. 

fategrand order
Fate/Grand Order

On Saturday, the “FGO Fes. 2023” event revealed a 3-minute-long animated video for the Fate/Grand Order mobile game.

The video features the theme song “Flowers” by Hana Hope.

Two versions of the song have been released. The first is the English version with English lyrics, while the second is the Japanese version with Japanese lyrics.

The video was animated by CloverWorks studio.

Hirommatsu Shu was the storyboard artist, editor, director, unit director, and animation director with Yusuke Tanaka Kawakami and Yae Otsuka.

In Summer 2015, Aniplex released the Fate/Grand Order mobile game.

An English release in the United States and Canada was launched in 2017.

The game has inspired an arcade game, several anime adaptations, manga adaptations and spinoffs, stage plays, etc.

Source: ANN