Makoto Shinkai’s Next Movie After Suzume Rumored To Be Sci-Fi Based And Completely Different From Previous Works!

This upcoming film has already generated a lot of buzz, as more details will emerge during a press conference scheduled for December 2025.

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As Suzume continues to break records and stir the film industry in Japan, director Makoto Shinkai has already set his eyes on his next film, which, rumor has it, that the production process has already begun and the film itself is expected to release sometime in 2026!

According to these rumors posted on June 5, 2024, Makoto Shinkai is venturing into new territory by making this next film a sci-fi animated film.

This project will notably abandon the elements of folk magic and disaster scenarios that have characterized much of his previous work. Additionally, the film will see a reduction in romantic elements, a hallmark of Shinkai’s storytelling, signaling a bold shift in creative direction. Fans should also note that this film will not feature characters from his earlier works, underscoring its distinct and standalone narrative.

Set in a potentially distant future, the film’s setting promises a vastly different worldview compared to Shinkai’s prior films. Unlike his earlier works, which were primarily rooted in Japanese culture and settings, this new project might explore a more global or even interstellar context, broadening its appeal and narrative scope.

Furthermore, the production for this upcoming movie has already begun in May 2023 and in April 2024, Makoto Shinkai-san mentioned he was working on character dialogues, with the planning stage expected to be completed around August 2024.

Makoto Shinkai commenta l'arresto del suo produttore: "Spero che il valore  dei film non verrà intaccato" | Cinema -

(Makoto Shinkai, renowned Japanese director)

While Shinkai has expressed an interest in revisiting his earlier stylistic themes in the future, this particular film will not be the medium for that return. Instead, it will showcase more of Shinkai’s personal artistic traits, offering audiences a closer look at his unique vision and creative evolution.

This upcoming film has already generated a lot of buzz on social media, as more details will emerge during a press conference scheduled for December 2025. Fans can look forward to that and the fact that this movie is releasing sometime in 2026, a 3-year gap from start to release, showing how different this movie will be from Shinkai-san’s previous works!

About Makoto Shinkai:

Makoto Shinkai’s illustrious career began in the world of video game animation when he joined Nihon Falcom in 1996. However, it wasn’t long before Shinkai ventured into filmmaking, making a notable entrance with the release of his original video animation (OVA), *She and Her Cat*, in 1999. This project marked his first significant recognition as a filmmaker.

In 2002, Shinkai’s foray into science fiction resulted in the creation of another OVA, *Voices of a Distant Star*. This project was his first feature under the banner of CoMix Wave Films, setting the stage for what would become a prolific career in feature films. Two years later, in 2004, he made his debut in feature-length filmmaking with *The Place Promised in Our Early Days*, a film that further cemented his reputation in the industry.

Shinkai’s work has consistently garnered praise from critics and audiences alike, establishing him as one of Japan’s most commercially successful filmmakers. His exceptional storytelling and visually stunning animation have made a significant impact on the global stage. Shinkai’s three most recent films, *Your Name* (2016), *Weathering with You* (2019), and *Suzume* (2022), have achieved extraordinary commercial success. Each of these films ranks among the highest-grossing Japanese films of all time, both domestically and internationally, at the time of their release. This remarkable achievement highlights Shinkai’s enduring appeal and his significant contribution to the world of cinema.

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