Le Grand Rex Teases One Piece Gear 5 Episode Screening

Le Grand Rex has planned something for the One Piece Community.

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On Wednesday, YouTuber and streamer Inoxtag posted a tweet asking Le Grand Rex (A Cinema in Paris) if they would screen the highly anticipated One Piece’s  “Gear 5” episode.

In response, Le Grand Rex replied by saying they would think about it if the tweet got 5000 retweets.

Le grand rex's reply1

Under the comment of the same tweet, the cinema later commented that they would do anything to organize events for the One Piece community. And, they already have something planned for the community.

Le grand rex's reply2

Though they have not confirmed that they will screen the “Gear 5” episode, it is highly likely that they will screen it. It is not just us; the rest of the community thinks the same.

OP Community response1

OP Community response4

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OP Community response2

Source: Twitter