Kaori Ozaki’s Inu to Sandbag Manga Releases Final Chapter

The manga’s second and final volume will ship on September 12. 

inu to sandbag
© Kaori Ozaki, Shogakukan

On Thursday, the September issue of Shogakukan’s Monthly Spirits magazine published the final chapter of Kaori Ozaki’s Inu to Sandbag manga.

The manga’s second and final volume will ship on September 12.

In May 2022, Ozaki launched the manga in the Monthly Spirits magazine. The first volume was published in December 2022 by Shogakukan.

Previously, Ozaki launched the Golden Sheep manga in Kodansha’s Afternoon magazine in September 2017. The manga ended in February 2019.

Kodansha published the manga in the form of three volumes and vertical released the three volumes in English.

Ozaki also published the Mermaid Prince manga in Shinshokan’s Wings magazine from 2014 to October 2015. Shinshokan published one volume of the manga, and Kodansha USA Publishing licensed the manga.

A print will be released for the manga in spring 2024.

Inu to Sandbag manga is described as:

The manga centers on 34-year-old Nichiko, who moved away from her city and back to her hometown island alone after a certain incident.

She returns to her childhood home, where nothing is left except a lonely kennel, and begins an impoverished life.

She meets Chimaki, who works at the local convenience store at the island, and they begin a curious relationship.

Source: ANN