Kanon Visual Novel “Coming Soon” On Steam

© Visual Arts/Key

The Kanon graphic novel by graphic Arts/Key will be available on Steam, according to a Friday announcement from Prototype.

The game’s website on the Steam store is active, and it states that the release date is “coming soon.” Text in Simplified Chinese, English, and Japanese will be included in the release.


One of Visual Arts/Key’s most famous pieces, Kanon is the company’s first visual novel.

On the PC, the game made its debut in 1999. Fans of visual novels view it as one of the original “nakige” (weeping games), with a focus on heartbreaking yet therapeutic storylines and adorable heroines.

The game was written by Jun Maeda and Naoki Hisaya, with Maeda also handling the music.

Character designs were created by Itaru Hinoue.

The game has been ported to numerous platforms since its initial 1999 release.

The book served as the basis for both Toei Animation’s 2002 television anime adaptation of the novel and its 2003 original video animation, Kanon Kazahana. Kyoto Animation created a brand-new television anime adaption in 2006.

The anime was first released on DVD by ADV Films in 2008, then Funimation finished the release in 2009.

The listing describes the game’s story:

Kanon is the debut work from the visual novel studio, Key, known for titles such as CLANNAD, Little Busters, Summer Pockets and more.

It received great acclaim and was even adapted into an anime series. Enjoy this tale of small miracles that occur in a northern town, now with the latest visual novel engine!

Source: ANN