Is Oshi No Ko An Accurate Look At The Entertainment Industry?

Author shares that extensive research was done for the manga, including interaction with talents agencies, magazines, TV Station staffs, and many more

oshi no ko
© 2020 by Aka Akasaka × Mengo Yokoyari/SHUEISHA Inc.

In the realm of manga, where imagination knows no bounds, certain works emerge that captivate readers with their remarkable authenticity.

Oshi No Ko, a groundbreaking manga series, has gained significant attention for its realistic portrayal of the entertainment industry.

In a recent interview between ANN and author Aka Akasaka, we got to know about the meticulous research that underpins the creation of Oshi no Ko’s a compelling narrative.

Extensive Research and Real-Life Testimonials:

When asked about the research involved in developing the manga, Aka Akasaka emphasized the breadth of their investigation.

The author and their team embarked on a quest to uncover real stories and personal insights from various key players within the entertainment industry.

This encompassed interactions with top talents, underground idols, TV station employees, producers, managers, gossip magazine editors, YouTubers, scriptwriters, and many others.

Through these encounters, a vivid picture of the power dynamics, underlying rules, and discontentment within the industry emerged.

Uncovering Power Balance and Logic:

In the research process for Oshi No Ko, the author unravels profound insights into power dynamics and the underlying logic within the industry.

He discovered instances of dissatisfaction where individuals and groups underestimated one another due to specific circumstances and rules.

This delicate balance of power is often at play, leading to unique challenges and complexities.

By incorporating these nuanced details into the manga, Akasaka strives to create a narrative that mirrors the realities of the entertainment world.

Distinctive Japanese Entertainment Industry:

In the interview, Aka Akasaka acknowledged the stark differences between the Japanese and American entertainment industries.

The absence of talent and writer unions, the lack of guarantees, disregard for auditions in casting decisions, and opportunities granted based on the balance of power between companies were some of the realities prevalent in Japan.

The office manager’s authority and the challenges faced by individuals in voicing their dissent were recurring themes.

Exploring the Dark and Dramatic World of Idols

One of the defining aspects of Oshi No Ko is its dark and dramatic portrayal of the idol world.

When asked about the inspiration behind this approach, Akasaka revealed a personal encounter that left a lasting impact.

The author met a cast member who had been attacked by a fan after the release of a movie news article. Despite their tough façade, this individual confessed to emotional trauma.

This revelation made Akasaka realize the sacrifices talents make to maintain their public image for the sake of their works and supportive fans.

The manga explores the exploitation and suffering faced by young talents and highlights the power of the internet in giving fans a direct voice.

The manga aims to encourage readers to reflect on the appropriate treatment and support these individuals deserve.


Oshi No Ko stands out as a remarkably authentic manga due to Aka Akasaka’s diligent research and firsthand encounters within the entertainment industry.

The manga’s exploration of power dynamics, underlying rules, and the emotional toll on idols offers readers a captivating glimpse into the real-life challenges faced by these young talents.

By presenting a dark and dramatic narrative, the manga provokes readers to question and reflect on the treatment of individuals within the industry.

Through its compelling storytelling, Oshi No Ko not only entertains but also raises awareness about the complex reality behind the glamour of the idol world.