Horimiya: The Missing Pieces Anime Releases New Emotional PV

The PV shows scenes from school life with music composer Masaru Yokoyama. 

© HERO・萩原ダイスケ/SQUARE ENIX・「ホリミヤ -piece-」製作委員会

On Saturday, the staff for the Horimiya: The Missing Pieces anime released a new promotional video titled “Emo-kyun”.

The PV shows scenes from school life with music composer Masaru Yokoyama.

horimiya anime key visual

Hori-san to Miyamura-kun is a Japanese shōnen web manga series written and illustrated by Hiroki Adachi under the name Hero.

It was self-published on Hero’s website, Dokkai Ahen, from February 2007 until December 2011.

From October 2008 to December 2011, Square Enix published the chapters in ten Gangan Comics volumes.

Under Hero’s supervision, Daisuke Hagiwara adapted the manga into Horimiya, which was serialised in Monthly G Fantasy from October 2011 to March 2021 and published in English by Yen Press.

From January to April 2021, CloverWorks aired a Horimiya anime series. A live-action and TV drama adaption broadcast in February 2021.

The fandom page describes the plot for Horimiya: The Missing Piece as follows:

Admired at school for her friendly attitude and academic achievements, high school student Kyouko Hori has been hiding another side of herself.

With her parents often away from home due to work, Hori also has to look after her younger brother and do the housework, leaving no opportunities to make friends and socialize outside of school.

Meanwhile, Izumi Miyamura is seen as a brooding, glasses-wearing, otaku. In reality, he is a gentle person hopeless at studying. He also has nine piercings hidden behind his long hair and a tattoo along his back and left shoulder.

By sheer luck, Hori and Miyamura cross paths outside school, neither looking as the other expects.

These seemingly polar opposites become fast friends, sharing with each other a side of themselves they have never shown to anyone else.

Source: ANN