Goku’s No. 1 Quote Poll Results Are Out!

The poll was held on May 9th of this year, the day formally known as Goku Day.


On Monday, the Weekly Dragon Ball News featured a special video broadcasting the results of Goku’s No. 1 Quote Poll.

Weekly Dragon Ball News is a video series that updates every Monday (JST) and provides the latest news in the world of Dragon Ball.

This week, the program announced the result of the above-mentioned poll. The poll was held on May 9th of this year, the day formally known as Goku Day.

Toyotarou and the Dragon Ball series team leads from Bandai and BANDAI SPIRITS got featured on the show and gave their thoughts on the poll results.

The top entries in the poll were:

10. “Okay! We’d better get married (Dragon Ball, Tale 171)

9. “IT’S OVER!!!!! FREEZA!!!!!” (Dragon Ball, Tale 318)

8. “I was the worst apprentice who never listened, but it’s thanks to that old man that I got stronger. So even now, I’m Son Goku…OF THE TURTLE SCHOOL.” (Dragon Ball Super, chapter 39)

7. “YOU FOOL!!!!” (Dragon Ball, Tale 327)

6. “Go get a job instead of pulling stunts like this!” (Dragon Ball Super, Chapter 27)

5. “They died because of it! / This time it’s YOU who dies!!” (Dragon Ball, Tale 318)

4. “THANK YOU, DRAGON BALLS!!!” (Dragon Ball, Tale 516)

3. “Bye, guys.” (Dragon Ball, Tale 412)

2. “ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT KURIRIN?!!!!!” (Dragon Ball, Tale 323)

1. “On this planet, we know that even the lowest-born can outdo the elite if they work hard enough.” (Dragon Ball, Tale 228)

About Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball is a manga series by Akira Toriyama. It first began its serialization in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 1984. The manga was later adapted into a multitude of animated series, movies, and games.

The franchise consists of five different anime series, about 21 animated movies, and around 10 games spanning various platforms, from Famicon to Playstation and Xbox.

Synopsis of the Dragon Ball anime:

Goku Son is a young boy who lives in the woods all alone—that is, until a girl named Bulma runs into him in her search for a set of magical objects called the “Dragon Balls.”

Since the artefacts are said to grant one wish to whoever collects all seven, Bulma hopes to gather them and wish for a perfect boyfriend.

Goku happens to be in possession of a dragon ball, but unfortunately for Bulma, he refuses to part ways with it, so she makes him a deal: he can tag along on her journey if he lets her borrow the dragon ball’s power.

With that, the two set off on the journey of a lifetime.

Source: Dragon Ball’s Official Site