Goku And Supreme Kai To Go On A Grand Tour In The New Dragon Ball WEB Anime!

The new anime will be titled “Dragon Ball Magic”

dragon ball magic
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On Sunday, a rumor surrounding the new Dragon Ball WEB anime revolving around Goku and Shin, the Supreme Kai of Universe 7!

According to the rumors, the new anime will be titled “Dragon Ball Magic”. 

It is believed that the anime will be set before the End of Z, and will see Goku and Shin, who have transformed into children travel to planets in search of the demon who turned them into children.

Goku and Shin will fight various enemies on each planet, and new and old characters will help the two.

Numerous staff members are rumored to be working on the show as well. Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru (Dragon Ball GT character designer and Super Saiyan 4 designer) is believed to be working on the character designs, and Aya Komaki (One Piece episode director) might be the director of the anime.

The animation style will be reminiscent of the 90s style, but will have modern animations and CGI too.

Dragon Ball Magic is rumored to air in the first half of 2024, with 14-15 episodes. These episodes will be 30-40 minutes long and Crunchyroll might air the anime in most parts of the world.

Are you excited about the Dragon Ball Magic anime?

Source: Twitter