Goblin Slayer II English Dub Cast And Release Date Announced

The first episode will begin on October 20

Goblin Slayer
Goblin Slayer

On October 19, Crunchyroll revealed the cast and crew for the English dub of Goblin Slayer II.

The first episode will begin on October 20, and the following are the cast members for the anime:

  • Goblin Slayer voiced by Brad Hawkins
  • Priestess voiced by Hayden Daviau
  • Dwarf Shaman voiced by Barry Yandell
  • Lizardman Priest voiced by Josh Bangle
  • High Elf Archer voiced by Mallorie Rodak
  • Wizard Boy voiced by Rowan Gilvie
  • Cow Girl voiced by Brittany Lauda
  • Additional Voices: Rachael Messer, Kyle Igneczi, Jarrod Greene, Sara Ragsdale, and Alex Moore

The crew includes:

  • ADR Director: Jeremy Inman
  • ADR Producer: Samantha Herek
  • ADR Script Writer: Heather Walker
  • ADR Mixer: Andrew Tipps
  • ADR Engineer: Noah Whitehead

The anime is based on Kumo Kagyu and Naboru Kannatsuki’s light novel. Misato Takeda will direct the season of Goblin Slayer at LIDEN FILMS.

Meanwhile, Hideyuki Kurata and Hiiromi Kato are working on series composition and character design, respectively.

Season 1 of the anime is available on Chrunchyroll, which describes the series as:

“I’m not saving the world. I just kill goblins.”

Rumor has it that, in a certain guild in the middle of nowhere, there is an extraordinary man who has climbed all the way to the Silver rank just by killing goblins. At the same guild, a priestess who’s just become a new adventurer has formed her first party… and the man who ends up rescuing that party when they get into trouble is none other than the Goblin Slayer.

Source: Crunchyroll