Fate/Grand Order Game Announced A New One-Shot Man

The Fate/Grand Order one-shot manga will launch in summer 2024

Ashiya douman

On June 4, the July issue of Kadokawa’s Young Ace magazine unveiled that the Fate/Grand Order game will receive a special one-shot manga.

The special one shot is titled Fate/Grand Order: Eirei Densho Ibun ~ Ashiya Douman ~.

It will launch in summer 2024 on Type-Moon Ace, Kadokawa and Type-Moon’s free manga website.

Shhoichi Furumi will illustrate the manga, and Hikaru Sakurai will write the story.

Furumi is the character designer.

The new series will focus on the early life of the character, Ashiya Douman.

Type-Moon Comic Ace also published the final chapter of Nakatani’s Fate/Grand Order From Lostbelt manga on March 14.

In 2019, Denpa licensed Nakatani’s Fate/Grand Order: Chaldea Scrapbook manga.

The manga features short stories centering on various characters involved with the Chaleda organization.

The majority of the short manga were published in the 12th issue of Kadokawa’s TYPE-MOON Ace magazine in August 2017, with the book releases adding original stories.

Kadokawa released the book in September 2018.

Source: ANN