Emilia VA Rie Takahashi Requests Fans To Take A Bath Before Her Concert

Rei uploaded an infographic with tips on her Twitter.

Emilia Rei Takahashi
Re:ZERO Starting Life in Another World

Anybody who has been to a concert, anime convention, or a crowded place must’ve faced one problem or another. Today, voice actress and singer Rie Takahashi took the time to talk about one such issue: odor.

Before her first concert, Rie tweeted some general guidelines for her fans including remembering to bring their wallets, wearing masks properly, and taking a bath.

She said: “Make sure you wash your body beforehand so you don’t bother others with your odor!”.

Rie also made a cute infographic for the tips:

This isn’t just good advice for seeing Rie Takahashi live, mind you. It’s good life advice all around!

In addition to her singing career, Rie is known for voicing many popular anime characters, including Emilia in Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- and Megumin in KONOSUBA, among others.

Source: Rie Takahashi on Twitter