Duel Masters Code Bestie Manga Is In Its Last Arc

Duel Masters Code Bestie Manga
© Shigekatsu Ihara, Shogakukan

On Wednesday, Shigekatsu Ihara’s Story of Duel Masters Code Bestie, a perspective manga of Shigenobu Matsumoto’s Duel Masters manga, entered its final arc, according to the official Twitter account for Shogakukan’s Weekly CoroCoro Comic website.

The manga launched on Weekly CoroCoro Comic on February 28.

As part of the Duel Masters LOST initiative, Yō Kanebayashi debuted the manga Duel Masters LOST Tsuioku no Suishō (Duel Masters LOST: Crystal of Remembrance) on the Weekly CoroCoro Comic website on February 1.

This fall, a television anime based on the manga is planned.

On January 15, the franchise also released the manga Duel Masters Win: Complex Duel-hen in Monthly Coro Coro Comics.

Based on the Pocket Monsters: Diamond & Pearl television series, Ihara illustrated the eight-volume manga series Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!

From 2006 until 2009, the manga was serialized in Monthly CoroCoro Comics, a publication published by Shogakukan. The manga was released in English by Viz Media.

Source: ANN