Call Of The Night Season 2 Officially Announced! New Trailer And Key Visual Revealed!

They feature Nazuna Nanakusa and Anko Uguisu (Kyouko Mejiro) floating in the night sky with a large full moon behind them.

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Call of the Night anime’s official site has officially confirmed Season 2 is in production! They dropped the first teaser trailer and key visual, on Mar 11, 2024, featuring Nazuna Nanakusa and Anko Uguisu (Kyouko Mejiro) floating in the night sky with a large full moon behind them.

There has been no confirmation of Call of the Night Season 2’s release date so far.

(Call of the Night Season 2 Teaser Trailer)

(Call of the Night Season 2 first key visual)

Manga author Kotoyama and anime director Tomoyuki Itamura shared their thoughts on Season 2, saying that they’re the happiest people on the planet and looking forward to everyone’s reaction to Season 2, despite the manga having already ended.

<Kotoyama’s comments>

“The second season is announced, and I feel that I am the most happy about it.

I’m looking forward to seeing the stories that I was drawing while thinking, “It would be great to see this part in action”.

My manga is made up of what I wanted to draw at the time, so the anime is a great learning experience for me because it neatly organizes those aspects.

It’s always a great help to me.”

<Tomoyuki Itamura’s comments>

“The enchanting night returns.
What will happen to Ko and Nazuna in the future?
Will there be a continuation of the confrontation with the detective?

The manga is complete, but the anime is just getting started. Just as we remember Ko, who loved strolling his way through the night, the anime will once again strive to provide a vivid experience. I will do my best to make it enjoyable for both those who have read the manga and those who like the anime.”

About Call of the Night:

Call of the Night is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kotoyama. It has been serialized in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shōnen Sunday since August 2019. Season 1 of the anime produced by Liden Films aired from July to September 2022.

Sentai Filmworks describe the overall plot of Call of the Night as follows:

Wracked by insomnia and wanderlust, Ko Yamori is driven onto the moonlit streets every night in an aimless search for something he can’t seem to name. His nightly ritual is marked by purposeless introspection — until he meets Nazuna, who might just be a vampire! Ko’s new companion could offer him dark gifts and a vampire’s immortality. But there are conditions that must be met before Ko can sink his teeth into vampirism, and he’ll have to discover just how far he’s willing to go to satisfy his desires before he can heed the Call of the Night!

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