Batman Ninja Sequeal “Batman vs. Yakuza League” Movie Announced

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On Thursday, Warner Bros. Japan announced that it is making Batman Ninja vs. Yakuza League, a follow-up to its Batman Ninja computer-generated animation picture.


The staff includes:

  • Producer: Junpei Mizusaki
  • Animation: Kamikaze Douga
  • Scriptwriter: Kazuki Nakashima
  • Character Designer: Takashi Okazaki
  • Composer: Yūgo Kanno

Kōichi Yamadera returns to voice Bruce Wayne/Batman.

In April 2018, Warner Bros. published the anime film Batman Ninja digitally, and in May 2018, it was distributed on home video.

Both the English dub and the Japanese audio track were included in the release.

With a Japanese voice cast, the animation made its theatrical debut in June 2018 in Japan. The movie debuted in October 2021 on Toonami.

In Batman Ninja, Batman goes back in time to the Warring States era in Japan and vanquishes villains who have turned into feudal lords, including The Joker.

Source: ANN