Bang Brave Bang Bravern TV Anime’s Mechanical Designer Revealed

Illustrator MORUGA is the anime’s mechanical designer.

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On Monday, the first Designer Introduction video for Masami Obari’s Bang Brave Bang Bravern original TV project was released.

Illustrator MORUGA is the anime’s mechanical designer. The video features the designs of the robots featured in the anime’s teaser visual.

The cockpit designs of the robots were also featured. Bang Brave Bang Bravern (Yuki Bakuhatsu Bang Bravern) will be animated by Cygames Pictures, and Obari will be directing the anime.

bang brave bang bravern

Cygames has previously worked on anime like Blade Runner: Black Out 2022 and Princess Connect!: Re: Dive.

Obari has previously worked in Gravion, Gravion Zwei, Angle Blade, and Battle Arena Toshinden.

MORUGA is also the plastic model kit designer for Kotobukiya’s Hexa Gear.

Source: Comic Natalie