Ao Haru Ride Manga Receives Live Adaptation Series!

It has been confirmed that the first season will feature eight episodes. 

Ao Haru Ride

On Friday, WOWOW announced that it is producing a live-action TV series for Io Sakisaka’s Ao Haru Ride manga. The series is set to premiere during fall on the channel.

Ao haru ride live action 2023

It has been confirmed that the first season will feature eight episodes.

Natsuki Deguchi (left) stars as Futaba Yoshioka, and Kaito Sakurai (right) stars as Ko Mabuchi.

The series centers around Futaba, a young girl who had feelings for a boy named Ko Tanaka during their middle school years.

Unfortunately, due to a misinterpretation, their friendship comes to an end when Ko transfers to a different school over the summer break.

As they enter high school, Futaba’s life takes an unexpected turn when she encounters Ko again, but this time he goes by the name Ko Mabuchi.

Both of them have undergone significant changes in their personalities during their time apart.

Futaba has abandoned her previous girlish demeanor in order to fit in with her classmates, while Ko has become cynical and sarcastic due to the challenges within his family.

The manga was released in Shueisha’s Bessatu Margaret magazine in 2011 and ended in 2015.

The series also received an anime adaptation by Production I.G in July 2014. The anime featured 13 episodes.

The movie also had a live-action movie in 2014, which was a big hit, earning 241 million yen (US$ 2.05 million) in its opening weekend.

Source: ANN