A Few Moments Of Cheers Anime Film Unveils The First 60 Seconds Of The Fillm

The anime film was released on June 14.

A Few Moments of Cheers
© "A Few Moments of Cheers" Production Committee

On June 14, the theatrical release day of the A Few Moments of Cheers original anime film, the official YouTube channel of EMOTION Label began streaming the first 60 seconds of the film.

The shared clip depicts the two protagonists’ monozukuri, Kanata Asaya, who is passionate about making music videos on his computer. Meanwhile, Yu Orie is immersed in making music with her guitar.

The staff for the anime film include:

  • Screenplay: Jukki Hanada
  • Director: Popurika
  • Assistant Director: Ohajiki
  • Art Direction: Magotsuki
  • Song Composition: VIVI
  • Studio: Studio Hurray! And 100studio

The synopsis for the anime film is:

Kanata Asaya, a high school student, is immersed in the production of music videos. One night, while searching the city for a motif for his video, he met a woman performing on the street in the rain and was struck by her song. “I want to make a music video for this song, it’s the one I’ve been waiting for,” he thought. His heart was moved by her singing voice and the way she sang with so much emotion.

The next day, he is astonished to see a new teacher standing on the platform. There is Yu Orie, the musician who had moved him the night before.

Kanata, who starts making things and moved on to the next step with the joy. Yu, who gave up making things and started on a different path because of the pain. What will their collaboration work bring to each of them?

Source: EMOTION Label on YouTube