2024 Crayon Shin-chan Film Unveils New Trailer!

The new Crayon Shin-chan 2D film will release on August 8.

©Yoshito Usui/Futabasha, Shin-Ei, TV Asahi, ADK, 2023

On June 13, the official website for the 31st 2D Crayon Shin-chan film released the new trailer for the movie.

The movie is titled Eiga Crayon Shin-chan: Ora-tachi no Kyoryu Nikki (Crayon Shin-chan the movie: Our Dinosaur Diary) and is slated for an August 8 release date.

The trailer also features a preview of the film’s theme song, Omoide o Kakenukete, by the rock band My Hair is Bad.

Along with the trailer, the website also shared a new poster, which you can check out below.


The film will follow the friendship between a small dinosaur and Shiro, the pet dog of the Nohara family.

Takumi Kitamura is a guest star in the film as Billy, a biology researcher who loves dinosaurs.

Furthermore, Oswald comedian duo Yu Hatanaka and Shunsuke Ito also guest star in the film as Chu and Ammoner Ito, respectively.

Shinobu Saski will direct the film, while Moral wrote the screenplay for the film.

Last year, on August 4, the Cranyon Shin-chan franchise released its first ever 3D CG anime film. The film became the highest-earning anime film in the franchise.

In April 2022, the franchise released Eiga Shin-can Mononoke Ninja Chipuden, which is the 30th 2D animated film of the franchise.

Source: Official Website of the Film, Comic Natalie