Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Roronoa Zoro!

Initially, Zoro was not even supposed to be part of the Strawhat pirates!

Zoro OP
ONE PIECE © 1997 by Eiichiro Oda/SHUEISHA Inc.

Roronoa Zoro is one of the most powerful and popular characters in One Piece.

With the focus on becoming the world’s strongest swordsman, he is the perfect right-hand man Luffy could ask for.

If you are a fan of Zoro and want to know more about him, you have come to the correct article. In this article, we will tell you, 10 things only the most loyal fans of Zoro know about!

So let’s dive into it.

1. Only Crew Member Luffy Wanted To Recruit Before Meeting Him

Strawhat pirates have about 10 members, excluding Luffy, and he cares deeply for his crew and will do anything for them.

luffy invites Zoro

Although one thing that differentiates Zoro from others is that he is the only crew member, Luffy specifically searched for him before meeting him.

At the start of this journey, Koby tells Luffy about Zoro and his fearsome reputation. Listening to him, Luffy, instead of being scared, gets excited and starts searching for him to recruit him.

2. Zoro Is The Second Most Popular Character In The Series

Even though One Piece has been out for about 25 years and has held about seven character popularity polls.

Zoro smug face

Out of them, Zoro has been the second most popular in every poll except the fifth poll, where Trafalgar D. Law was introduced. But in the next poll, Zoro took back his second position and has been there since.

3. He Is One Of The Only Few To Have Slain A Dragon

In One Piece, it is extremely rare to find a dragon, but what is rarer than that is to actually defeat one.

Zoro vs dragon

The only known people to have slain a dragon are Shimotsuki Ryuma and Zoro. Both deafened the dragon while in mid-air and by chopping the head off.

4. Zoro Was Supposed To Be Buggy’s Bodyguard

Zoro is one of the strongest and coolest members of the Strawhat Pirates. Zoro, Sanji, and Luffy are considered monster trio.

Zoro buggys bodygaurd

You may be surprised to know that, in the third volume of the manga, Oda revealed that Zoro was initially supposed to be one of the bodyguards of Buggy the Clown. Zoro really dodged the bullet there.

5. He Is The Only Member Of The Worst Generation Without A Devil Fruit

In One Piece, Worst Generation is a term used to refer to the twelve infamous pirates.


These pirates emerged immediately before the beginning of the Summit War of Marineford. Also known as the Ace Donut Arc.

Among these twelve pirates, Zoro is the only one who has not eaten a devil’s fruit.

He and Killer are also the only members of the worst generation who are not captains of a pirate crew.

6. He Is Named After A Real Pirate

Zoro is the sole member of the Straw Hat crew, whose name was inspired by a real-life pirate.


Francois l’Olonnais, renowned as one of history’s most brutal and ruthless buccaneers, is that pirate.

When he decided to invade another pirate ship or loot a town, he’d torture individuals for information before murdering everyone in sight. Zoro isn’t quite as harsh, so the comparison is intriguing.

7. Zoro Is A Police Officer

When asked about what Strawhat members would do if they were not pirates, Oda responded in volume 76 of SBS.

SBS Strawhat professions

In SBS, Oda mentioned that Zoro would have been a police officer if not a pirate.

8. Once-A-Week Baths

During an SBS Q and A, Oda was asked about how often every Strawhat Pirate member bathes.

Zoro bath

Oda revealed that while some bathe every day or every few days, Zoro, Brook, and Luffy bathe only once a week.

9. Oda Has Drew Zoro’s Future

In SBS 91, Oda showed Zoro’s possible appearance at the ages of 40 and 60 in two different timelines.

Zoro future

Zoro In the first timeline: He lives without any major problems.

At age 40: Yontoru Zoro (Four Sword Style)

At age 60: Gotoryu Zoro (Five Sword Style)

Zoro in the Second Timeline: Something Happens

At age 40: I’m quitting. Holding that katana in my mouth has made my back hurt.

At age 60: I’ll kneel down if you’ll lend me some money.

10. Zoro Would Never Have Devil Fruit

Zoro is one of the most talented swordsmen and doesn’t need any devil fruit to defeat his enemies.


In fact, Oda in SBS mentioned that if Zoro were to have devil fruit power, it would not be him but his sword. And his sword would have Fist Fish Fruit, Mythical Type Model: Seiryuu.

This would allow his sword to transform into a dragon, while Zoro’s would remain the same.