Top 10 Mangas That Deserve An Adaptation Ranked!

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As a manga fan, there are countless series that I’d love to see animated! When a manga is adapted, it receives a far bigger reach, and nothing feels better than the feeling of watching your beloved series blow up! 

So, we decided to list down 10 manga that needs an anime adaptation, so that all of us can appreciate them together! 

10) Blue Box: 

Taiki Inomata is a third-year student in Eimei Academy’s junior high. Known for its major sports program, Taiki is a part of the high school’s badminton team. He is the kind of guy who wants to be the first to attend practice. 

blue box manga

However, this never happens because someone else comes first, no matter how early he is! Chinatsu, the star player of the basketball team, is always the first to arrive at the gymnasium. In classic fashion, Taiki has a crush on Taiki, a first-year student.

This already makes it hard for Taiki to approach her and his struggles don’t end here. Chinatsu is a star player, and Taiki is average at best, both in terms of his skills and popularity! 

However, things become interesting as Chinatsu has to live under the same roof as Taiki!

As one would expect, the two grow closer, and Taiki starts working harder to reach their goal of making it to the nationals! 

This manga as an anime will be widely loved, there is no doubt. It has the perfect blend of romance and sports, with the latter being a great plot device. 

9) Yotsubato!: 

Yotsuba Koiwai is a bright, energetic five-year-old girl.

Yotsuba funny


When she and her father, Yosuke move to a new city, they quickly become acquainted with their neighbors, the Ayase family.

The three daughters, Asagi, Fuuka, and Ena become friends with Yotsuba. As for Yotsuba, she can find anything fun. On top of that, her understanding of the world is a little upside, leading to her participating in baffling antics!

She somehow manages to involve others in these activities too. Yotsubato! Follows Yotsuba on her daily adventures of enjoying the simple things in life.

This is a manga that you can binge in a single day, and with some amazing voice acting, the series would become funnier than it already is!

8) Insomniacs After School:

Ganta Nakami suffers from insomnia, turning him into a grumpy uncle during the day.

To him, the Astronomy Club’s observatory room is a safe haven, where he can bunk classes and sleep in peace!

Insomaniacs After School

However, his peace is broken abruptly by Isaki Magari. The girl also suffers from insomnia and ends up stumbling into the observatory room!

After finding Nakami in the room, she tries to escape, but the broken door puts a halt to her escape in a classic fashion. 

Insomniacs After School revolves around Nakami and Magari as the two are initially forced to converse in a less-than-ideal situation, leading to a blooming bond as the two deal with their insomnia! 

7) Sakamoto Days:

Tarou Sakamoto is revered as the greatest hitman of all time.

Sakamoto Days

For the longest time, he was at the top of the underground, until one day. The day he fell in love. 

Without any hesitation, Tarou dropped his profession and became an employee at a convenience store. However, leaving the underground isn’t easy.

Almost none of his former enemies and partners bought this abrupt retirement. Hence, they want to take him out! What makes this worse is the fact that Sakamoto has vowed to never kill again!

Sakamoto Days shows the creative ways Tarou comes up with to deal with his enemies to prevent harm from reaching his family and the town he lives in! 

6) I Am A Hero:

If this world needs anything right now, then it’s the revival of the zombie genre!

I Am A Hero follows Hideo Suzuki, a mangaka assistant stuck in a zombie apocalypse. From the start, the manga makes it apparent that Hideo is at a massive disadvantage. 

People’s reaction to the outbreak is realistic as well, with hordes of people sticking together, making the apocalypse even worse! One of my favorite aspects of the manga is how the zombies look. 

In I Am A Hero, zombies look just like humans, but without eyes. This makes it even more disturbing, and the mental strain on the characters for killing the “undead” is heavier than ever.

This action-packed, fairly realistic take on a zombie apocalypse is exactly what we need! 

5) Fire Punch:

Since the Chainsaw Man anime has become such a massive hit, it seems inevitable for studios to animate Tatsuki Fujimoto’s other acclaimed works.

Fire Punch

One such work is Fire Punch. 

In the manga, the world is on the brink of collapse as the planet is constantly covered in ice and snow, due to an Ice Witch. During the fight against the witch, humans have shown their true nature. 

Agni and Luna are two blessed orphan siblings, who are trying to survive in this cruel world. However, one day, the army commander Doma flattens the village.

Doma’s flame extinguishes only after killing their target. While everybody dies, Agni’s otherworldly regeneration keeps him alive!

Eventually, after a decade of enduring the pain, Agni becomes used to this pain. He then makes it his life mission to kill Doma, the man who stole his sister’s life. 

4) The Climber:

The Climber revolves around Mori Buntarou, who started mountain climbing after transferring to a new high school.

First, he climbs without any safety gear, and the adrenaline rushing through his body as he makes it to the summit makes him feel truly alive.

After that, Mori never looked back.

An anime exploring this manga has been a dream of anime fans for years, and it’s long overdue! 

3) I Sold My Life For 10,000 Yen Per Year/ Three Days Of Happiness:

Kusunoki, a 20-year-old, finds a way to sell his life for cash.

3 days of happiness

However, the total value of his life was only three hundred thousand yen. So, he sells 30 years of his life for 10,000 yen. 

After selling those thirty years, Kusunoki is left with three months. To his shock, the store clerk he sold his lifetime to, Miyagi, has been tasked with a job.

Her job is to observe Kusunoki till the last three days of his life. 

This beautiful, bittersweet manga follows the remaining three months of Kusunoki’s life as he finally understands what makes life valuable. 

2) Vagabond:

If someone asked me whether I would like an anime adaptation of Vagabond a few years ago, I would say no.


However, after witnessing the animation quality of Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, and more, I am confident that this masterpiece can be done justice. 

A manga by perhaps the greatest mangaka of all time, Takehiko Inoue is most known for his sports manga Slam Dunk. However, Vagabond dials back to 16th-century Japan.

In this fictitious rendition of the tale of one of Japan’s most well-known swordsmen, we follow the story of Miyamoto Musashi. His goal? To become “Invincible Under The Heavens”.

The story is a great narration of one’s journey of understanding the value of friends, understanding oneself, and life. 

1) Oyasumi Punpun:

Arguably the greatest manga of all time, Oyasumi Punpun has everything it takes to be a hit.

Oyasumi Punpun

It has quirky characters, a balance of edginess to create memorable moments, and a flawless direction. We follow Punpun Onodera, an 11-year-old boy whose life starts to become progressively worse.

In the meantime, he also meets his first love, Aiko Tanaka. However, nothing goes right for him. Eventually, he distances himself from the world, in the hopes of not getting disappointed again.

However, this only makes his emotions worse, creating one of the darkest coming-of-age stories of all time.