Top 10 Animes With The Most Filler Episodes!

We’ve decided to rank the top 10 animes with the most number of filler episodes!


Anime is known for its creative plot, immersive storylines, and great arcs. And, many such animes have tons of episodes!

However, fans noted that many of these episodes are usually fillers. These episodes are not connected to the main plot and have no effect on the story ahead.

This led them to have an infamous name, with most fans wanting to avoid them.

So, we’ve decided to rank the top 10 animes with the most number of filler episodes!

10) Ranma 1/2: 72 Filler Episodes (Out of 161)

Ranma ½ is a popular anime and manga series created by Rumiko Takahashi.

It follows the story of Ranma Saotome, a teenage martial artist who turns into a girl when splashed with cold water due to a curse.

ranma half fillers

Living in the Tendo Dojo, Ranma becomes engaged to Akane Tendo, the youngest daughter of the Tendo family. The series explores their complex relationship, comedic misunderstandings, and the challenges they face together.

With a wide cast of eccentric characters, Ranma ½ delivers humor, romance, and martial arts action.

The anime adaptation, consisting of 161 episodes, aired from 1989 to 1992. While 72 of these episodes were filler, Ranma 1/2 has become an important piece of work in anime!

9) Dragon Ball: 74 Episodes (Out of 575)

Dragon Ball is arguably the most recognizable anime in the world, and it wasn’t saved from fillers either!

Dragon Ball

At number nine, Dragon Ball anime has 74 filler episodes out of the series’ total of 575.

These fillers are generally comedic, or prolonged training arcs, or explore the side characters more.

Since the percentage of filler is fairly low for a series so long, it has not affected the quality of the anime strongly, and even helps in building the Dragon Ball universe even further!

8) Yu-Gi-Oh: 91 Filler Episodes (Out of 225)

Yu-Gi-Oh features a great number of fillers, with almost half of the series being fillers!

yu gi oh

The anime is centered around the popular card game, and the fillers usually introduce different cards, exciting battles, and explore side characters’ arcs!

Being fillers, many of them do not play a major role in the main plot of the series, however, they do make a case for expanding the anime’s verse.

7) One Piece: 95 Filler Episodes (Out of 1014)

One Piece, a.k.a. peak fiction is renowned for its amazing world-building, parties, and adventures!


With these adventures spanning over 1000 episodes, the One Piece anime has managed to keep its fillers at the minimum, with less than 1/10th of the anime being filler!

The fillers in the anime tend to explore the backstories of side characters to make the world of One Piece even more immersive.

6) Sailor Moon: 98 Filler Episodes (Out of 200)

Sailor Moon is another classic anime that has entered the list, with nearly half of it being filler!


The fillers have helped fans in developing a deeper bond with the extremely lovable Sailor Scouts, even if they don’t affect the main storyline!

5) Bleach: 164 Filler Episodes (Out of 366)

Bleach, one of the Big 3 anime is known for its supernatural power system and amazing characters. Again, nearly half of the anime is filler.


Many fans have criticized these fillers for slowing down the momentum of the series and deviating from the main storyline.

Still, the Bleach anime has a dedicated fan base and is generally considered to be a great adaptation.

4) Boruto: 182 Filler Episodes (Out of 245)

While it hasn’t been many years since the Boruto anime premiered, it has already found itself on the fourth spot of the list.

Boruto and Naruto

The anime has 182 filler episodes, out of the series’ 245 episodes.

The series was supposed to carry Naruto’s legendary legacy, however, it has tarnished it in the eyes of the majority of the fans, making it an infamous series.

Furthermore, the conflicting power-scaling in the cannon and filler episodes of the anime had left fans bewildered at times, spawning multiple memes.

3) Pokemon: 231 Filler Episodes (Out of 1085)

Pokemon, perhaps the most iconic anime franchise ranks third on this list!


While the main story focuses on Ash’s journey to becoming a Pokemon Master, the fillers focus on world-building and simple sub-plots.

Fans have also criticized Pokemon fillers for slowing down the series.

2) Naruto: 294 Fillers (out of 720): 

Naruto is one of the most popular shonen anime, and perhaps the anime most known for its fillers!

Naruto x Boruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections featured

Out of the anime’s 720 episodes, 294 of the episodes are spoilers. These fillers usually expand on side characters, with some filler plot lines becoming their own arcs too!

These fillers have been heavily criticized for being too irrelevant at times.

1) Detective Conan: 440 Filler Episodes (out of 1039) 

The longest detective series, Detective Conan has an INSANE 440 filler episodes, out of its 1039 episodes.

detective conan

Since the series is known for its intricate plotlines and mysteries, the anime has faced criticism for its momentum-breaking fillers.

Which of these entries was the most surprising?