Spy X Family: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Loid Forger

Spy x Family

Loid Forger is an amazing spy, and here are a few things you should know about the great Twilight! 

10) Twilight Used To Be A Soldier:

At some point in time, Twilight enlisted in the army to fight Ostania after their relentless attacks. This was shown during his backstory arc (link Loid Explained Article). 

Twilight as soldier Spy x Family

Tired of the attacks, Loid lied about his age and used a dead man’s identity to become a soldier, and was later discovered by WISE and recruited as a spy! 

9) Twilight Met Franky During The War:

During the backstory arc, Twilight also met his now closest friend, Franky. While he may not admit this, we all know it’s true! However, the two didn’t meet in the friendliest situation! 

Franky and Loid

Franky was a deserter from Ostania, while Twilight was a prideful soldier of Westalis. Twilight took pity on Franky as he was a deserter! After the Westalis soldiers caught on to them, the two parted ways, eventually meeting again as Spies and informants. 

8) Loid’s Front Job:

While you may think that Loid’s claim of being a psychiatrist is just a sham, that’s one of his jobs too! In the manga, Loid works at the Berlint General Hospital, and has a positive reputation among his colleagues! 

Loid as doctor Spy x Family

There are other WISE spies like Fiona working at the hospital to support Loid too! 

7) Becky Has A Crush On Loid: 

Becky is Anya’s closest friend at school. They always stick together and help each other out. Even though they come from different backgrounds, they are very similar. 

Becky likes loid

Becky is wise beyond her years because of the soap operas she likes to watch. When she sees how good-looking Loid is, she falls in love with him. 

No one else takes her crush seriously, but it is amusing to see her imagination run wild!

6) The Lapel Pin On Loid’s Clothes: 

Loid wears a lapel pin on the left side of his suit jacket that is in the shape of a dagger. 

Loid Lapel Pin

The pin features the emblem of WISE, indicating his loyalty to the organization. The accessory adds a touch of sophistication and hints at his allegiances.

5) Twilight Prefers To Use Words Starting with “L” Or “R” In Japanese: 

Twilight likes to pick names for his roles that begin with either “L” or “R” in English, but In Japanese, there is no difference between the “l” and “r” sounds, and both are transcribed using the “r” sound. 

Twilight Spy x Family

This means that Twilight may choose persona names that start with “L” or “R” in English, but they would be transcribed using the “r” sound in Japanese!

4) Loid Is A Great Cook:

Anya herself recognizes that her dad is a great cook. This may be because he used to live by himself and has developed excellent cooking abilities. 

Loid cooking

He usually makes food for Anya and Yor when they are at home. For example, in Episode 3 of Spy x Family, Loid makes a cake to welcome Yor to their home.

3) Loid Is A Good Father Figure:

Even though Loid is not Anya’s biological father, he still tries his best to take care of her and keep her safe. 

Loid Spy x Family

He knows that Anya doesn’t like being in big crowds, so whenever she starts to feel dizzy or uncomfortable, he takes her away from the situation. 

Loid also tries to help Anya when she’s in trouble and gets upset when someone makes her cry. It’s possible that he does all of this to maintain his good reputation, but he still cares about Anya’s well-being.

2) Loid’s Underpants Are Black: 

Loid’s biodata was provided to us in a recent fanbook published by Viz Media. In that, a lot of information about Twilight had been blacked out, like his real name, age, blood type, etc!


However, it provided us with extremely insightful and important information about Twilight: His underpants are black! While we haven’t witnessed them yet, I think that we can trust WISE on this! 

1) Twilight Doesn’t Know His Real Name:

We all know that Loid Forger is not Twilight’s real name. After all, who would use their real name for a mission, right? 

Twilight Real Name

Since we only know Twilight and his aliases, fans have always wondered what the man’s real name could be! So far, Twilight’s real name hasn’t been revealed. And, it seems unlikely! 

In his quest to become the greatest spy, Twilight seems to have forgotten his real name! Even during his flashbacks, he can only recall people calling him “advisor”, a nickname. 

Which of these facts were the most surprising? Comment below!