One Piece: All Members of the Rocks Pirates!

One Piece anime rocks pirates
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Chapter 1096 of One Piece has brought us to the infamous clash between the Roger and Rocks Pirates. This means we get to see the full roster of the Rocks Pirates.

There’s a lot of faces here, some iconic ones but also some never before seen. But what’s interesting is that aside from Rocks himself, we have still seen these characters at least once before.

Let’s start off this list with the World’s Strongest Man.

Edward Newgate AKA Whitebeard

Whitebeard became an Emperor and rival of the Pirate King after the Rocks Pirates disbanded.

He has the power to destroy the world thanks to his Devil Fruit, the Gura Gura no Mi. This fruit allows him to create quakes, even in the air.

And he also flipped the world on its head at the war in Marineford. He is a legend among legends and still he served under another man.

One Piece prime Whitebeard

Wang Zhi

Also known as Ochoku. He was ruling over Fullalead Island before Blackbeard took over.

The Rocky Port incident is where Blackbeard managed to win Fullalead Island from Wang Zhi. This incident involved Law, Koby and Blackbeard which had several consequences. One of which was Koby becoming the new Hero of the Marines, following in his master Garp’s footsteps.

Blackbeard said that he couldn’t have gotten his hands on Fullalead without Koby’s help. Although we don’t know what happened in the Rocky Port incident, what we do know is what this implies.

Despite the immense strength Blackbeard wields he still couldn’t take out Wang Zhi. That alone speaks to the power of this secluded pirate.

Given Wang Zhi’s name being obviously Chinese we can also infer that he comes from the country of Kano. Kano is the China equivalent in the world of One Piece.


The King of Beast, the World’s Strongest Creature. He is someone who needs no introduction as Luffy’s main opponent in the Wano arc.

Kaido was someone who was ready to wage war on the world but he too served Rocks at the young age of 15.

Although many of the members look back on their time in the Rocks Pirates as a mess, Kaido saw it differently.

Even if he didn’t know it at the time, he cherished the connection he made with Big Mom.

Middle Aged Kaido from One Piece

Golden Lion Shiki

Shiki first made his appearance in the movie Srong World and Chapter 0 of One Piece.

He was the first ever person to escape Impel Down which he did by cutting off his own legs.

And right before that he invaded and single-handedly destroyed Marineford whilst fighting both Garp and Sengoku at the same time.

At one point Shiki had the biggest armada and was Roger’s rival during a post-Rocks era.

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Charlotte Lin Lin AKA Big Mom

We all know Big Mom for the towering force of nature that she is today. But during the era of Rocks she bolstered quite the different look.

She is easily one of the most terrifying powers of the modern era and her feats are countless.

Kaido Remembers Young Big Mom in Rocks After Her Defeat (English Sub) - YouTube

Buckingham Stussy

Buckingham Stussy is the self proclaimed lover of Whitebeard nowadays going around with her supposed son Weevil.

In chapter 1096 you can actually see her clinging onto Whitebeard.

Unlike many of the other Rocks pirates, she hasn’t made many moves so it’s hard to know what she was like back then or what she does now. The closest thing we have is her clone Stussy who is on Egghead Currently.

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Captain John

Captain John is a name we’ve heard as early as chapter 233. Having left behind a great deal of treasures anyone who seeks wealth seeks his treasures.

Moria had managed to find his body and reanimated into a zombie and ironically enough the shadow that took over was as much of a drunkard as Captain John was when he was alive.

In fact, Moria had found more than just one member of the Rocks Pirates.

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Gloriosa AKA Elder Nyon

Now mostly known as Elder Nyon, she was the leader of Amazon Lily three generations before the current ruler, Boa Hancock.

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Silver Axe

There is no info on Silver Axe other than his nickname and the fact that he was a part of the Rocks Pirates.

Unnamed Members

There’s still a few more members of the Rocks Pirates that have not been named yet. Several of the Rocks pirates actually became zombies under the hands of Moria after their deaths.

There’s a four-armed member and another one who uses claws. There’s also another member who uses an Elbaf-styled helmet but he could be either Silver Axe or Wang Zhi.

Unknown member of the Rocks Pirates Crew from One PieceImageUnknown members of the Rocks Pirates

That was all the rocks Pirates we have seen so far. Some of these go as far back as to Thriller Bark.

This all just goes to show how complete of a story One Piece feels sometimes. This world is lived in by countless people and even the most random of people have their own histories and legacies.