One Piece: 11 Oldest Characters Ranked!

One Piece is known for its world-building and a wide variety of characters!

One Piece

One Piece is known for its world-building and a wide variety of characters! The Worst Generation, the ones shaping the world right now, are some of the youngest batch of pirates!

But, have you ever wondered who are oldest characters in One Piece? In this article, we’re listing the eleven oldest characters in One Piece! 

11) Brook (90 Years Old)

Before becoming the musician of the Straw Hat Pirates, Brook used to be a part of the Rumber Pirates. The crew has high aspirations until they were killed by poisoning.


Brook’s Yomi Yomi no Mi devil fruit revived him, and he decided to live on his ship.

As a ghost, Brook sailed through the seas alone, eventually landing on Thriller Bark, where Gecko Moria used his shadow to revive Ryuma’s corpse.

Brook failed to reclaim his shadow and gave up, but was helped by the Straw Hats eventually.

Brook was 88 years old when he joined the Straw Hats Pirates, and is currently 90 years old.

10) San Juan Wolf ( 99 Years Old)

San Juan Wolf, one of the Ten Titan Captains of the Blackbeard Pirates is 99 years old!

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Before joining Blackbeard, Wolf was caught by the World Government and imprisoned on Level 6 of Impel Down.

He was spending his life there until Blackbeard invited him to join his crew.

Wolf also possesses the Deka Deka no Mi, a Paramecia devil fruit which allows him to increase his size. The fruit also makes him the tallest character in One Piece, allowing him to become big enough to stand on the ocean floor.

9) Saul (127 Years Old):

Jaguar D. Saul is best known for helping Nico Robin during the Ohara incident.

Saul one piece

He was a Vice-Admiral in the Navy, but left the organization after learning about their plan to massacre Ohara.

After leaving, he was caught in a storm, which washed him to the shores of Ohara, where he met Nico Robin.

He helped Robin a lot, and provided her with the strength to carry on.

When the Buster Call troops arrived, he was frozen by Aokiji and presumed dead. However, in the Egghead Island Arc, it was revealed that Saul is alive and is hiding in Elbaf.

8) Kureha (141 Years Old):

A veteran doctor and the adoptive mother of Chopper, is 141 years old.

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She took Chopper in after Hiriluk died, and taught him everything about medicines.

Even though she’s so old, Kureha shows no signs of physical deterioration and has only grown stronger and smarter.

7) Oimo (153 Years Old):

Oimo and Kashii were members of the Giant Warrior Pirates. After Dorry and Broggy started fighting each other, Oimo and the crew left for Elbaf.

oimo one piece

Years later, Oimo and Kashii decided to try and find Dorry and Broggy.

However, the two were captured by the World Government, who tricked them into believing that Dorry and Broggy were captured.

The World Government proposed that the two giants serve them for 100 years, and then Dorry and Broggy would be released.

However, the two found out the truth when they met the Straw Hats.

6) Kashii (156 Years Old):

Kashii, Oimo’s good friend, also served in the Navy for 50 years to earn back his masters’ freedom.

kashii one piece

After the Straw Hats defeated CP9, the two left for Elbaf.

5) Morley (160 Years Old):

Morley is the 160 yeard old commanded of the West Army in the Revolutionary Army. A newkama and a giant, she possesses the Oshi Oshi no Mi.

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This Paramecia-type devil fruit allows her to reshape the ground like clay. She was imprisoned in Impel Down over a century ago, and escaped using her Devil Fruit.

Her tunnels allowed Ivankov to create the Newkama Land.

 4) Dorry and Broggy (160 Years Old):

Introduced in the Little Garden Arc, Dorry and Broggy were the first giants we met. They were the co-captains of the Giant Warrior Pirates, but left due to a conflict.

dorry and broggy one piece

The two are extremely honorable, and have been dueling each other for years, and helped the Straw Hats too.

3) Hatcha (188 Years Old):

Hatcha, along with other numbers, was taken to Punk Hazard by scientists who wanted to recreate ancient giants.

hatcha one piece

While the experiment was a failure, Hatcha and many others survived and became a part of Kadio’s crew.

2) Jarul (408 Years Old):

Jarul was a pirate, who co-captained the Giant Warrior Pirates with his brother Jorul. He was a very respected member among the giants of Elbaf.


He and Jorul were caught in Big Mom’s outrage, and Jarul survived, while Jorul wasn’t fortunate enough.

1) Zunesha (1000+ Years Old)

Zunesha, the oldest character in One Piece is at least a thousand years old. He is affiliated with Joy Boy, whom he seems to respect.

zunesha one piece

According to Momonosuke, Zunesha is forced the carry the Mokomo Dukedom on its back because of the acts he has committed in the past.

Since Zunesha is so old, he is aware of all the mysteries of the world. When Luffy unlocked Gear 5, Zunesha rejoiced and told Momonosuke that Joy Boy had returned.