One Piece: 10 Locations Inspired By Real Places!

Here are the top 10 locations in One Piece that are inspired by real-life places!

One Piece

The world of One Piece is loved for being rich and diverse, and it also takes inspiration from real-life locations to give it a natural flare!

From Edo Period Japan to the Bermuda Triangle, discover the fascinating connections between the anime’s fictional world and our own planet.

Here are the top 10 locations in One Piece that are inspired by real-life places!

10) Rommel Kingdom: London, England

Our first location takes us to the Rommel Kingdom, which we briefly visited in episode 666 of the anime!

rommel kingdom one piece

We are told a tale about an unknown criminal who cuts people in the city. This criminal was later revealed to be a man named Hakuba.

The city made it clear that it is inspired by London with the iconic Big Ben clock tower in the frame.

Furthermore, London was the home of a similar criminal, Jack the Ripper in the 19th century!

It seems like Oda made a reference to both London and Jack the Ripper!

9) Zou Island: Elephant Rock, Iceland

Out of all the islands in One Piece, Zou Island is one of the coolest and most intriguing ones out there.

zunesha one piece

The island sits atop the back of a mighty elephant named Zunesha, who travels through the sea with his long legs.

While some other pieces of fiction have had elephants carry worlds/islands on their back, Zou Island is clearly inspired by Iceland’s Elephant Rock.

From the cave-like eyes to the color scheme, Oda paints an obvious yet amazing picture.

8) Florian Triangle: Bermuda Triangle

To reach Fish-Man Island from Water Seven, the people of One Piece have to pass through a stretch of the sea known as the Florian Triangle.

florian triangle one piece

This triangle is covered in a fog so dense that it blocks sunlight, making it impossible to understand whether it’s day or night.

The Florian Triangle is a reference to the popular Bermuda Triangle, a location in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean.

The Bermuda Triangle became infamous due to the mysterious disappearances of aircraft and ships in the area.

7) Dressrosa: Park Guell, Spain

Dressrosa, a prominent island in One Piece, became the battleground where the Straw Hat Pirates confronted the oppressive and malevolent Donquixote Doflamingo.


Despite its vibrant, checkered buildings and a populace composed of both humans and sentient toys, the true extent of its menacing nature under the tyrannical ruler was startling.

Dressrosa takes inspiration from Park Güell in Barcelona, Spain.

This park boasts lush gardens, mosaic artwork, and architectural marvels designed by Antoni Gaudi, a prominent figure in the Modernism movement.

The fusion of these elements created one of Spain’s most visually stunning locations and One Piece as well.

6) The Corrida Colosseum: Colosseo, Rome (Italy)

While Dressrosa as a whole is inspired by Spain, it hosts a monument that is a reference to the Ancient Romans.

corrida one piece

In Acacia City, there’s a gigantic building called the Corrida Colosseum. While the name of the building refers to a Spanish ritual, it is a clear homage to the Colosseo.

The Colosseo, originally known as “Anfiteatro Flavio,” is a colossal amphitheater constructed using travertine limestone, tuff, and brick-faced concrete.

Its hosted various public spectacles, such as gladiator fights, animal hunts, dramatic performances, executions, re-enactments of historic battles, etc.

5) Mary Geoise: Chateu De Chambord, France

Mary Geoise is the capital on the Grand Line, where the World Government comes together to discuss various matters of importance.

Mary Geoise one piece

While the manor is gorgeous, it hosts people like Doflamingo and other Celestial Dragons.

The inspiration for Mary Geoise comes from Chateau de Chambord, France. The UNESCO World Heritage Site features architecture from the French Renaissance.

4) Arabasta Kingdom: Egypt

The Arabasta Arc as a whole takes inspiration from Ancient Egypt as the Straw Hat Pirates strive to thwart Crocodile’s Operation Utopia.

alabasta one piece

The Arabasta Kingdom’s ruling family, the Nefertari, derives its name from Queen Nefertiti, a prominent monarch during Ancient Egypt’s affluent era.

The Tomb of Kings, an underground burial site for the royal family, bears a striking resemblance to Ancient Egyptian temples and possibly alludes to the renowned Valley of the Kings.

The name “Arabasta” itself draws from “alabaster,” a mineral extensively utilized by Ancient Egyptians in artifact creation.

Geographically, the Arabasta Kingdom predominantly consists of desert terrain with a river flowing through its midst, reminiscent of Egypt’s landscape.

The architectural style of Alubarna, the capital city, and the appearance of its inhabitants reflect distinctive Middle Eastern characteristics.

3) Water 7: Venice, Italy:

With its intricate network of canals and distinctive boats used for transportation, it comes as no surprise that Venice serves as a source of inspiration for Water 7.

water 7 onepiece

Situated on a cluster of islands, it stands as one of Italy’s most cherished and frequently visited cities, renowned for its beauty and allure.

Venice has captivated the imaginations of numerous television shows and movies, making it a celebrated wellspring of creative inspiration.

2) Punk Hazard: Iceland

The fight between Kuzan and Sakazuki left Punk Hazard engulfed in fire and ice. The two left a crater ocean in the center by using their elemental devil fruit powers.

punk hazard one piece

This marks Iceland’s second appearance on the list. Some parts of the country consist of volcanic activity while being covered in snow.

Therefore, Iceland has the same fire and ice combination in some of its areas.

1) Wano Kuni: Edo Period Japan

The country of samurai and ninjas, Wano Kuni is a clear homage to Japanese history and folklore.

wano one piece

While the architecture and culture make the homage apparent, there’s a deeper metaphor as well.

Japan started as an agricultural nation and later became the industrialized country, which we know now.

Similarly, Wano was forced to industrialize by Kaido. Flower Capital, the main city of the country was left untouched.

And, it contains everything about the Japanese aesthetic, from the iconic Azuchi Castle, to cherry blossoms, and thatched roofs.