Naruto: All 10 Tailed Beasts Ranked!

In this article, we will rank the Tailed Beasts, one of the strongest beings in Naruto.

NARUTO © 1999 by Masashi Kishimoto/SHUEISHA Inc.

Tailed beasts are one of the strongest beings in Naruto. They all have enormous amounts of chakra and are capable of destroying cities.

This is also the reason why every nation in Naruto tried to get their hands on them and seal them in people. These people are regarded as Jinchuriki.

When sealed, these Jnchuriki gained their immense chakra reserve and strength.

Certain tailed beasts are more potent than others due to varying chakra reserves and corresponding Kekkei Genkai.

Below are all tailed beasts ranked:

10. Matatabi

Matatabi is a two-tailed beast resembling a tiger who resided in Yugito Nii from Hidden Cloud Village.


She possesses fire release and can lend it to other tailed beasts. Matatabi can also fuse with other tailed beasts, allowing her to crush a full Susano.

She is extremely fast and, unlike her other fellow beasts, doesn’t act recklessly. She also treats most people with genuine respect and dignity.

9. Shukaku

Tanuki based this one-tailed beast who was the first tailed beast to get featured in the series.


He resided in Garra and is one of the reasons why Garra has the ultimate defense.

Shukaku has advanced sealing techniques that far outrank those of other tailed beasts.

He resents humans and does not mind killing them, even innocent humans.

8. Isobu

Isobu, a three-tailed, turtle-like tailed beast, is the most docile of all tailed beasts.


He was forcefully sealed in Rin from a hidden leaf village to be used against Konoha.

Rin ran in front of Kakashi’s Chidori, killing herself and saving Konoha in the process.

More prominently, the fourth Mizukage, Yagura Karatachi, was the jinchuriki of the Isobu. It possesses exceptional swimming capability and can release a hallucinogenic mist.

7. Saiken

Saiken is a six-tailed beast resembling a slug. He resided in Utakata from Hidden Mist and is capable of using water release and corrosive substances.


It is also capable of sharing its chakra with other tailed beasts. It shows very high endurance, as after being tossed away by Kurama, it came back unscathed.

6. Chomei

Chomei is a seven-tailed beast and resembles an armored Kabutomushi. Six of her tails take the form of insect wings, and the seventh grows simply as a tail.


It resided in Fu from a village hidden by a waterfall. Chomei and Fu were friends before her death.

It can use its wings to blind others with a potent mist and can also create cacoons that can slow down chakra absorption jutsu.

5. Kokuo

Kokuo is an extremely powerful five-tailed beast.


It managed to free itself from Obito’s control for a while. Kokuo is incredibly strong, as it rammed Gyuki, sending it flying across the field.

It is capable of boil release by combining water and fire release.

4. Son Goku

Son Goku is a four-tailed beast that resembles an ape. It has one of the strongest Kekkei Genkai, lava release.


Son Goku is a master in Taijutsu. He used to reside in Roshi, from Hidden Stone Village.

Similar to Shukaku, he hates humans but behaves very respectfully and honorably towards his fellow-tailed beasts.

3. Gyuki

Resembling a combination of bull and octopus, Gyuki is an eight-tailed beast. Killer B was from Hidden Cloud Village.


He possesses extreme strength and tenacity, as he is not only strong enough to fight Raikage but was even able to withstand a tailed beast bomb from Bijuu.

Gyuki can also agitate Killer B’s chakra and expel any genjutsu, with the singular exception of the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

2. Kurama

Kurama is the nine-tailed beast whose Jinchuriki was Naruto Uzumaki. Before him, Kushina, Naruto’s mother, bore the weight.


He is the strongest of all the nine-tailed beasts. Kurama is capable of fire and wind release.

He can defeat the rest of the nine-tailed beast with a single fingernail and can even create a barrage of tailed beast bombs.

Kuruma is also capable of generating a radical form of energy by utilizing a technique called Baryon Mode.

1. Ten Tail

The ten-tailed beast is the most powerful tailed beast. It is so huge that his hands alone are bigger than any other tailed beast.


Ten Tail can even dent the unbreakable four-crimson ray formation barrier. It is a deity that can devour seas, transport mountains, and split land.

He can also control natural energy, and thus cannot be detected using conventional methods.

The Sage of Six Paths predicted that if Bijuu gets resurrected, it might bring the world to an end.