Jujutsu Kaisen: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Yuji Itadori!

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Yuji’s relaxing personality melts the hearts of Jujutsu Kaisen fans, but did you know these things about him? 

10) Itadori Loves To Go Karaoke: 

Itadori is a fun, outgoing, and extrovert who likes to spend time with people! While his favorite things to do are watching TV and impersonating characters, he likes to sing his heart out too!

Yuji singing JJK

According to the Jujutsu Kaisen Official Fanbook, Itadori is big on Karaoke!

9) Itadori Doesn’t Have A Least Favorite Food!

When Junpei’s mother asked Yuji if he had a dislike for any type of food, he said no, and he meant it!

Yuji eating JJK

According to Gege Akutami, Itadori doesn’t hate or dislike any type of food and sees the positives in all of them. He is indeed a man of culture and respect. 

8) Itadori Can Break All Olympic World Records Without Cursed Energy!

Itadori is an anomaly because he survived after eating one of Sukuna’s fingers! While this is a well-known fact among the fans, there’s more!

Yuji throw JJK

Even if Itadori hadn’t eaten the finger, he would’ve still become known as an anomaly around the planet! Due to his insane natural talent, Itadori can break all of the Olympic World Records with rather ease!

Itadori casually broke the world record for the shot put in the first episode, and can run 60 meters in just 3 seconds! This is 2.5 seconds faster than the current world record!

7) He Never Talks To Sukuna:

With Sukuna living in Yuji’s head rent-free, the King of Curses never stops being a menace. According to Yuji, he tries to constantly haunt him, even during his sleep!

Itadori and Sukuna JJK

However, after a while, Yuji simply stopped replying to Sukuna and the two barely talk to each other! However, this doesn’t mean that Yuji is at peace as Sukuna is still a menace. 

6) His Grandfather Taught Him Martial Arts: 

In many of his fights, Yuji has shown a good level of proficiency in martial arts and hand-to-hand combat in general. 

Itadori Grandpa JJK

But did you know that it was Yuji’s grandfather who taught him? While he didn’t teach him everything, Yuji learned Karate from his guardian! 

It seems that he expanded on it and learned the Taido style and his signature Manji kick! 

5) Itadori Would’ve Become A Firefighter: 

Do you ever wonder what career path your favorite characters would take if they were to live normal lives?

Itadori happy

Well, Itadori’s answer is kind of surprising, but not really. According to the Jujutsu Kaisen Official Fanbook, Itadori would’ve become a firefighter!

This makes sense, since he likes to help people, and would tie in with his grandfather’s last wish! 

4) Itadori’s Body Fat Percentage Is In Single Digits: 

While Itadori isn’t the most bricked-up character in shonen, he still is considerably fit! 

Itadori Yuji JJK

However, his height and weight don’t line up! According to the Fanbook, Itadori is 5 feet and 8 inches tall and weighs 176 pounds. This should generally put him a point over the normal weight range.

However, our boy has some fine abs! In fact, the Fanbook also states that his body fat percentage is in single digits. Interesting! 

3) Yuji Doesn’t Love Hoodies!

Since the day he became a student at Jujutsu High, we’ve usually seen Itadori rock a hoodie-style uniform!

Itadori in Uniform

However, did you know that Yuji isn’t actually a big fan of hoodies? According to the author Gege Akutami, he’s just indecisive about what to wear, so he opts for the hoodies as a safe choice! 

2) His Theme Songs Are “Heart Ni Hi Wo Tsukete” by 9mm Parabellum Bullet And “Itsuka Dokoka De” By Kuchiroro!

All Jujutsu Kaisen fans know that Itadori is a man of culture from his preferences for women and his eating habits and personality. 

Itadori smiling

But, did you know that his taste in music is immaculate as well? His first theme song, “Heart Ni Hi Wo Tsukete” by 9mm Parabellum is a smashing rock hit with some really catchy nuances to the guitar and production. This also brought back my love for Japanese math rock, so kudos to him! 

This is right up Itadori’s alley: a quick, banger song to get you in a high mood! However, his second pick, “Itsuka Dokoka De” By Kuchirorois, a pleasant surprise! This is a 5-minute-long jazz and ska-influenced song that is passionate and soothing. 

While Yuji is the passionate type, I really didn’t expect him to have such taste in music! 

1) Itadori Failed In Science:

Itadori has just become even more relatable, which I didn’t think was possible, especially in this way!


According to the fanbook, Itadori failed in Molecular Science and is afraid of Science subjects in general. 

As a fellow single-brain cell that is not made for science, I truly understand his sentiment! 

Which one of these facts was the most surprising to you? Comment below!