Jujutsu Kaisen: 10 Strongest Cursed Techniques Ranked

Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen’s power system is one of the most intricate and complex in shonen! Cursed Techniques are the basis of using powers in the series. There is no shortage of CT in the series, and some are strong, while others are weak.

How do we decide this, though? Well, a CT’s strength depends on its limitations, ease of application, destructiveness, effectiveness, and ability to deal with different types of opponents! 

On the basis of these criteria, we have come up with our list of the 10 strongest Cursed Techniques! 

10) Projection Technique:

The Projection Technique is one of the coolest techniques in all of the mediums in general, let alone shonen! This technique made Naobito the fastest sorcerer in the Jujutsu world, only after Gojo, of course. Through this technique, the user sees every second as twenty-four frames. They move unnaturally fast by tracing the movements of these frames in a single second! 

Naoya using Projection Technique JJK

Furthermore, the best use of this technique is freezing the opponent. For this, the user has to touch their opponent with their palm, forcing the opponent to be frozen for a second. 

The Domain Expansion of the technique creates a womb-like structure with a giant eye replacing the uterus. Any attack by the user turns into an unblockable film-like attack.

This applies the CT on a cellular level on an opponent, resulting in complete damage to the opponent’s body!

Amazing, right? Unfortunately, this CT has a few downsides. Firstly, if the user ignores the laws of physics while using the technique to move, they might end up freezing themselves. And, long-range sorcerers will have a strong advantage against a projection user too! 

9) Blood Manipulation:

Blood Manipulation allows the user to manipulate blood in or outside their body. This can be used to harden the blood or to regulate their body temperature, too!

This CT is truly an all-rounder. For example, the user can concentrate blood near their eyes to see fast movements clearly. And, since the blood manipulation completely depends on the user, the attacks can become specific to the situation. 

Choso using blood manipualtion

The attacks can be long or short-range, the speed can be increased by reducing the density, and vice-versa. However, the major flaw of this CT is its dependence on blood. Hence, Noritoshi Kamo is severely limited in prolonged battles.

On the other hand, Choso is only this strong with the CT because of the fact that he has unlimited blood. In fact, his blood is poisonous because he’s a death painting too! 

As for Noritoshi Kamo, he has to carry packets of blood, which isn’t convenient, and still quite finite. Another major flaw is that the blood dissolves in water, making it rather simple to counter the CT! 

Overall, Blood Manipulation is strong, but just not strong enough!

8) Puppet Manipulation:

While placing Principal Yaga’s technique in the top 10 might seem surprising, this CT has insane potential! 

With his level of expertise, Yaga could’ve created an army of cursed dolls and overthrown the Jujutsu higher-ups long ago; Yaga chose to make cute, friendly dolls out of his free will!

Puppet Manipulation JJK

As a matter of fact, the higher-ups had Yaga executed as they were scared of the technique’s insane potential! What makes it even better is that the puppets created do not affect the sorcerer’s Cursed Energy level! Even if the user dies, they’ll keep living!

However, they’re susceptible to long-range attacks easily. Hence, they won’t be able to climb higher than rank 8 for now! 

7) Idle Death Gamble: 

Hakari’s domain expansion is called Idle Death Gamble or Restless Gambler and is based on the pachinko system.

Every step of this domain is based on probability, and even Hakari has no clue if he will hit a jackpot or not.

Hakari Domain Expansion

Pachinko refers to a slot machine that shoots tiny silver balls at a fast pace. The aim of this game is to hit jackpots in a limited time by either managing to get the ball in the jackpot area and/or winning mini-games.

The end goal of Hakari is also to hit a jackpot by getting three of the same character, much like a lottery machine. 

This jackpot gives absolutely BROKEN advantages to Hakari:

  1. Replenished Cursed Energy.
  2. Infinite Cursed Energy for 4 minutes and 11 seconds. 
  3. Super resistance to pain. 
  4. Automatic Reversed Cursed Technique.
  5. Higher Probability of a Jackpot or faster spins.

The probability to hit the jackpot is 1/239. If Hakari manages to keep hitting jackpots, he will eventually reach the point of the guaranteed jackpot every single time! After this point, he is literally unstoppable till the end of time! 

6) Rika:

The source of Yuta’s power is “Rika”, the vengeful spirit of his childhood crush and best friend of the same name.

It turned out that Yuta had created this Rika when he accidentally cursed her spirit when she died. 

Yuta and Rika Full Manifestation

His will to not let go made her become his guardian with lingering attachment! 

Let’s take a look at some of Rika’s powers: 

  • Copy: Yuta can copy certain cursed techniques. For example, Rika can manifest a bullhorn with cursed markings that would enable Yuta to use Inumaki’s Cursed Speech technique! 
  • Rika Manifestation: Rika can also appear next to Yuta and attack enemies when she senses danger approaching! During Jujutsu Kaisen Vol 0, for Yuta to beat Geto into a pulp without much prior training is a testament to Rika’s powers! She was able to defend and help Yuta attack their enemy effectively. Even though Yuta “lost” Rika after the fight, he can still access the cursed spirit of Rika for a short time!
  • Reversed Cursed Technique: The Reversed Cursed Technique allows a user to convert negative energy into positive, allowing them to heal humans! 

The mastery of this technique makes him stand out far above the rest of the crop!

5) Idle Human Transfiguration:

Idle Human Transfiguration, Mahito’s CT is arguably the more terrifying one!

With a single touch, the user can modify the target’s body. This allows the user to instantly kill an enemy on touch!

Mahito Cursed Technique

However, the real deal of the ability lies in the manipulation of a body. Mahito was able to modify his body as he pleased, helping him increase his speed, power, or whatever else he wished for, even creating a copy! 

The user can also store the transfigured humans and use them whenever needed, like an army of zombies, or human curses.

What really makes this technique so scary is the fact that not even a handful of characters have been able to beat it! Furthermore, only two characters are not vulnerable to this technique: Gojo and Sukuna!

As if this wasn’t enough, the Domain Expansion, Self-Embodiment of Perfection makes this CT even worse to deal with. The closed domain has numerous hands in the space, and the opponent is automatically placed on the palm, allowing the user to kill someone in the instant the domain is cast! 

4) Ten Shadows Technique:

The Ten Shadow Technique allows the user to create Ten Shikigami at once, each with an increased level of strength. 

No one with this Cursed Technique so far has been able to exorcise Mahoraga, the final Shikigami. On top of that, Ten Shadows users have fought on par against Six Eyes users and even defeated a Six Eyes user at one point in time! 

Maharoga jjk

Sukuna has stated that Megumi’s Domain Expansion will be one of the strongest once it has been mastered! Even in an unfinished state, the Domain was able to hold its own against Special Grade curses like Dagon for a while!

If the user were to master the technique, then using the strongest Shadows together might just make them nearly impossible to defeat!  

3) Cursed Spirit Manipulation:

At its most basic level, the Cursed Spirit Manipulation allows the user to control any cursed spirit after ingesting it.

However, this does not go for shikigami. 

Geto absorbs Mahito

This CT is the most versatile, as it is both an offensive and a defensive technique simultaneously.

There is no limit to the number of curses that a user can store! The maxim technique, Maximum: Uzumaki, a part of the CT, allows the user to combine curses into one cursed energy attack! 

Geto was able to use more than 4000 low-grade curses for this attack with ease! And, if the user combines Grade 1 or higher curses, then the user won’t lose the curses’ CT either! Basically, Cursed Spirit Manipulation makes the user into a sorcerer who is potentially non-counterable! 

2) Sukuna’s CT:

While Sukuna’s CT is mainly unknown, even its name, what we know is enough to make it better than most! 

Sukuna fire ball JJk

His Dismantle & Cleave allows him to cut anything using invisible attacks from a long-range! And, even if someone manages to close in the distance, Sukuna can still slice and dice them in an instant! However, the biggest merit has to be the Domain Expansion, Malevolent Shrine.

It has a 200-meter radius, where Dismantle & Cleave clears the house constantly! Since there are no boundaries, the attack’s chances of landing become even higher!

The area of the domain can be adjusted as per the user’s wish as well. To put things into perspective, Maharaja, the strongest Shikigami out of Ten Shadows was defeated by Dismantle & Cleave with ease! 

For now, Sukun will have to settle for the second spot. Well, that’s unless he shows something mind-boggling to us soon!

1) Limitless + Six Eyes:

Gojo Satoru is the pinnacle of power in the Jujutsu world. And, the reason behind this is his CT, Limitless, and Six Eyes. 

Gojo domain expansion JJK

He can see through everything, slow down attacks, and blast forests with a flick! Not only that, but he can also use Reverse Cursed Technique to heal himself.

This way, he never runs out of cursed energy either. Even during the Shibuya Incident, Gojo had no need to go all out! 

As if this isn’t enough, his Domain Expansion, Infinite Void is truly invincible. Any being that gets caught in it is doomed. The domain floods an infinite amount of information into the victim’s brain, rendering them useless. 

This CT made him so strong that the author, Gege Akutami admitted that he had Gojo sealed only to let the plot flow, because Gojo is just too strong! 

What’s the strongest Cursed Technique in your opinion? Comment below!