All Yonkos in One Piece Explained

Yonkos One Piece Explained
One Piece

Yonkos, also known as Emperors, are the pinnacle of power in the world of One Piece! At any given time, there are 4 Emperors. Since the debut of the worst generation, three of them have been dethroned!  

This leads us to a list of characters who have held the throne once in their life! First, we are going to list down former Emperors, and then the current ones! 

Former Emperors: 

1) Whitebeard: 

Edward Newgate was once considered to be the strongest man on Earth. However, that wasn’t always the case! Originally, Whitebeard was a part of the Rocks Pirates.

After the God Valley Incident, he created the Whitebeard Pirates! His Gura Gura no Mi was considered to be one of the most dangerous powers ever! Through this fruit, Whitebeard could create quakes out of thin air, leveling towns in a matter of seconds! 

Whitebeard Yonko from One Piece

He also possessed one of the strongest Conqueror Hakis in the series as well! This allowed him to amass enough strength to become the only rival of the King of Pirates, Gol D. Roger! 

Till the time of his death, he held the highest bounty in the series at 5,046,000,000 Berries!

2) Big Mom: 

Charlotte Linlin, also formerly a part of the Rocks Pirates, Big Mom decided to create her own family after the God Valley incident as well! 

As the leader of the Big Mom Pirates, Big Mom dominated the new world for decades until her defeat in Wano! Furthermore, apart from being one of the strongest characters in the series in terms of raw strength, Big Mom has one of the best Devil fruits, too! 

Big Mom Yonko One Piece

Her Devil Fruit, Soru Soru no Mi allows her to manipulate souls as per her will! Along with her near-unbreakable Armament and Conquerors Haki, Big Mom currently has a bounty of 4,388,000,000 Berries!

3) Kaido: 

The third former member of the Rocks Pirates to become an Emperor was Kaido! Known as the strongest creature in the world, Kaido led the Beast Pirates! Much of his reputation grew due to his insane strength and durability as people called him unkillable! 

Much like other former Emperors, Kaido has amazing control over his Haki! His Devil Fruit, Uo Uo no Mi!

Kaido Yonko One Piece Explained

Due to his power and control over Wano, Kaido had one of the highest bounties in the world at 4,611,100,000 Berries!

Current Emperors: 

4) Shanks: 

Shanks was one of the original Yonkos when the concept was introduced to our fans! Using his Conqueror’s Haki, Shanks has managed to keep his throne safe! 

Originally a member of the Rogers Pirates, Shanks made his own crew, the Red-Haired Pirates after the execution of Gol D. Roger. As a captain, Shanks quickly grew his bounty to 4,048,900,000 Berries! 

Shanks Yonko One Piece

The most commendable thing about Shanks remains to be the fact that he has no Devil Fruit! In fact, none of his crew members are known to have these special powers. Shanks can go toe-to-toe against Mihawk, the strongest swordsman in the world, too! 

These feats only make the man scarier as he carefully picks his battles! 

5) Blackbeard: 

Also known as Marshall D. Teach, Blackbeard is one of the most hated characters in the series! Formerly a subordinate in the 2nd Division of the Whitebeard pirates, Teach is one sly man.

He killed one of his closest crewmates for the Yami Yami no Mi. Currently, the only character to possess two Devil Fruits’ powers, Blackbeard is one of the strongest characters right now!

His Yami Yami no Mi allows him to create and control darkness as per his will! This even allows him to control gravity and create a black hole! 

Blackbeard One Piece Yonko Explained

The other fruit, Gura Gura no Mi, was stolen from Whitebeard. With this, he owns some of the strongest Devil Fruits in history! 

Due to his battle IQ, overall cunningness, and power, Blackbeard put a bounty of 3,996,000,000 Berries in a short time! 

6) Buggy the Clown: 

Arguably the most surprising Emperor in history, Buggy the Clown is one of the best curveball characters in the history of animanga! Buggy began his pirate adventure as a part of the Rogers pirates. Here, he became a sworn brother of Shanks! 

Buggy the clown One Piece Yonko Explained

Buggy then rose to the title of Warlord of the Sea as the captain of the Buggy Pirates. Later, after the abolition of the Warlords system, Buggy started serving Crocodile to pay off what he owed to the man. 

The three then formed the Cross Guild along with Dracule Mihawk, the strongest swordsman in the world. Due to his idiotic crew’s blunder, Buggy was declared to be the leader of the Cross Guild, making the government fear him!

Hence, Buggy became an Emperor with a bounty of 3,189,000,000 Berries!

7) Monkey D. Luffy: 

The latest addition to the Four Emperors with Buggy is Monkey D. Luffy! There’s no need for a formal introduction for this man, as we have seen him grow since he was a snotty brat. 

Throughout this journey, Luffy has remained consistent with his ideals and behavior, never letting power get into his head. With the gear 5 and Joyboy reveal, Luffy has become the epitome of “free”; Luffy is the World Government’s biggest enemy! 

Luffy Yonko One Piece Explained

Still, his bounty is only 3,000,000,000 Berries! This is because Luffy hasn’t learned how to control his powers! However, there is no doubt in anybody’s mind that Luffy will become the new King of Pirates! 

Which Emperor is your favorite? Which character do you think should become an Emperor next? Comment down below and let us know!