All Versions Of Mark In The Invincible Multiverse Explained!

Unlike the Mark we know and love, these versions have been shaped to resemble their father

invincibles all marks explained
The Invincibles

In Mark’s long, heated battle with one of his arch-nemesis, Angstrom Levy, the multiverse hopper called upon some rather nasty reinforcements… alternate Invincible’s!

Unlike the Mark we know and love, these versions have been shaped to resemble their father, Nolan Grayson, aka Omni-Man much more.

1) Alternate Mark One:

Alternate Mark One was well acquainted with Rex Splode’s abilities and gear in his dimension. During the second day of the Invincible War, he badly injured both Monster Girl and Bulletproof. 

However, he ultimately met his end in a battle with the version of Rex Splode we see in the TV series and comic books! The hero had to give his life by turning his skeleton into a suicide bomb in order to protect his closest friends.

2) Alternate Mark Two:

Simarlily, on the second day, Alternate Mark Two faced up against Superpatriot, Angelica Murphy, Kurr Dragon, and Mighty Man II.

SecondMark invincible

Nonetheless, he met his demise against Savage Dragon and later transformed into one of D.A. Sinclair’s Reanimen.

3) Alternate Mark Three:

Alternate Mark Three killed the Atom Eve of his dimension. But because he did it so quickly, he wanted to take his time against the version in the main universe.

Due to his patience, Atom Eve escaped and reunited with her universes Invincible. 

Fast forward to day 3 of the war, Alternate Mark Three began destroying Paris before becoming stranded in an alternate dimension with seven other alive Alternate Marks.

This is where he would ultimately meet his demise, eaten alive by the other Mark’s.

4) Alternate Mark Four:

In his universe, Alternate Mark Four killed his mother. Before he could kill his father, however, Omni-Man demolished the house where he grew up.

On the first day of the Invincible War, Alternate Mark Four faced off against Oliver Grayson.

By day 3 of the war, Alternate Mark Four destroyed Syndey. He met up at his old house with the 7 other remaining Mark’s, happy to see it was still there.

He was then stranded in an alternate dimension to die by Angstrom Levy.

5) Alternate Mark Five:

Alternate Mark 5 is distinguishable by his very Viltrumite-esque design. Unlike the others, he boasts the iconic moustache and their white uniform. He was killed on day 2 of the Invincible War and turned into a reaniman.

6) Alternate Mark Six:

Alternate Mark 6 battled against the main universes Atom Eve and Invincible, where he critically damaged Eve, before meeting his end at the hands of Invincible.

7) Alternate Mark Seven:

Alternate Mark Seven killed his father in his own universe, going on to wear an Omni-Man-styled suit.

Alternate mark seven

After being choked to death by Madman’s Yo-Yo, Alternate Mark Seven was transformed into a Reanimen.

8) Alternate Mark Eight:

Alternate Mark 8 adorned the uniform of the Viltrum Empire.

During his rampage on Earth in the Invincible War, he destroyed a large city before becoming stuck in an alternate universe with the seven other Alternate Marks.

Here, he was added to the list of those unlucky enough to be eaten alive.

9) Alternate Mark Nine:

Instead of wearing Invincible’s usual outfit, Alternate Mark 9 would fly around in the costume later worn by Bulletproof in the main universe.

This is the suit Art Rosenbaum tried to give to Mark Grayson early in the series, before changing to the iconic blue and yellow one we’re familiar with.

He is ultimately killed by Reanimen after breaking into the Pentagon’s White Room. However, due to his body becoming too badly damaged, he couldn’t be turned into one himself.

10) Alternate Mark Ten:

Alternate Mark Ten was killed on the second day of the war by Sara Pezzini 

11) Alternate Mark Eleven:

Alternate Mark 11 is a unique one amongst the many Mark Graysons we see, as he isn’t based on the young hero in the first place!

Identifiable by its veiny head, he is understood to be a tribute to Star Wars’ Anakin Skywalker following his intense lava burn in Revenge of the Sith.

This version of Mark spent over a year in a Viltrumite prison in his universe.

On the first day of the Invincible War, he would fly into the Kremlin and swear retribution on his father.

By day 3 he was ready to trample Moscow.

After that, he and the other seven Alternate Marks would find themselves stuck in a different dimension, resulting in his death.

12) Alternate Mark Twelve:

Day 2 of the war saw Alternate Mark Twelve easily defeat the Guardians of the Globe, who were not nearly as powerful and well-respected as they were in his world.

He would wound Shapesmith, Darkwing II, and Black Samson.

After that, he would decapitate The Immortal and insert his head into the body of one of Dupli-Kate’s replicas, killing a large number of them.

Ultimately, Darkwing would give his life and drag Alternate Mark 12 into the Shadowverse with him.

While there, Darkwing would be killed by him.

13) Alternate Mark Thirteen:

Alternate Mark 13 would dress in Flaxan clothing. He would attack the Pentagon on the first day, where Donald Ferguson and the Brit would kill him.

His body was too disfigured to be transformed into a Reanimen.

14) Alternate Mark Fourteen (Mohwak Mark):

Alternate Mark 14, otherwise known as “Mohawk Mark” had become close to Atom Eve in his world after Rex cheated on her with Kate.

Unlike the main Mark, however, Mohaw Mark’s perspective on life was much different. He realized that he was genetically superior to the inhabitants of Earth, and thus realized he could make them worship him.

He believed he could rule the world and sought the help of his Teen Team allies.

Whilst Atom Eve considered it briefly, Mohawk Mark subsequently killed Rex Splode, making her second-guess her decision.

Mohawk Mark killed Atom Eve, Kate, and who he believed to be Robot. Sometime later, Omni-Man, Thaedus, and Thula were killed, leaving Mohawk Mark in charge of the Viltrumite Empire!

Together, they ruled Earth, but that wasn’t enough. When Angstrom Levy arrived, he promised he could help them expand their empire across the multiverse, to which Mohawk Mark took interest. Thus, he went to take part in the Invincible War.

On the first day, Mohawk Mark would destroy part of Stronghold Penitentiary, shocked by their lesser technology. After losing consciousness in a battle against the main Mark, Mohawk Mark would lay waste to New York City by day 3 of the war before being stranded with 7 others in a new dimension.

He took part in eating Alternate Mark 8, however decided he couldn’t proceed with eating the rest and escaped them. Sometime later, the main Mark found himself in the dimension with him. Mohawk Mark ultimately saved him from another version, Sinister Mark, killing him.

The two bond until they enter one of Angstrom Levy’s portals back to the main universe. Here, Mohawk Mark tries to kill him and after main Mark attempts to talk him out of it, Mohawk Mark simply drags Angstrom through a portal back to his own universe.

He proceeded to torture Angstrom Levy for failing to provide an extension to his empire like he promised!

Because Angstrom had a change of heart, and set out to do good for people now, he refused.

This resulted in Mohawk Mark ordering his team of scientists to cut the power out of Angstrom Levy whilst barely keeping him alive.

Mainline Mark eventually finds a way to Mohawk Mark’s universe with the help of Robot.

Seeing what Mohawk Mark has become makes Robot question what main Mark could one day become, thus he leaves him in this alternate universe, but not before killing Mohawk Mark in the process.

15) Alternate Mark Fifteen:

Alternate Mark 15 was killed by Tech Jacket. A hero that was not present in his own dimension.

16) Alternate Mark Sixteen:

Alternate Mark 16, more commonly known as Sinister Mark turned evil due to the death of his mother.

His universe was the most twisted and evil of them all, with him being the most evil being of them all.

Whilst ruling his empire, Sinister Mark got a taste for human flesh and resorted to cannibalism and torture.

Angstrom Levy coerced him into joining the Invincible war with the promise of an expansion to his empire. 

During the war, he went in search of his mother, who he now despised.

However, upon entering Mark Grayson’s home, he was met with Oliver, someone who didn’t exist in his own universe.

He makes light work of Oliver, but ultimately lets him live and gives up in the pursuit for main Mark’s mother.

Furthermore, he was responsible for the other remaining Mark’s being sent to a different dimension, as he suggested killing Angstrom Levy as he caused the death of so many alternate Marks.

He vowed to one day kill Angstrom. In the meantime he fought and cannibalised the other Marks, before meeting his demise at the hands of Mohawk Mark.

17) Alternate Mark Seventeen:

Alternate Mark 17 was responsible for laying waste to London during the Invincible War, before being stranded and eaten in another dimension.

LondonMark Invincible

18) Alternate Mark Eighteen:

Alternate Mark 18 was killed by Pitt during the Invincible War.

FallingMark invincible

19) Alternate Mark Nineteen:

Alternate Mark 19 destroyed Tokyo before being stranded and eaten in another dimension.

OtherMark invincible

20) Alternate Mark Twenty:

As seen in issue 16 and episode 1 of Invincible Season 2, Alternate Mark 20 decided to join his father in ruling earth and joining the Viltrumite Empire.

21) Alternate Mark Twenty-One:

Alternate Mark 21 was revealed in issue 24 to have died in his own dimension.

22) Alternate Mark Twenty-Two:

Alternate Mark 22 died before his universe’s Atom Eve had a chance to confess in issue 34.

23) Alternate Mark Twenty-Three:

Alternate Mark 23 became evil following the death of Atom Eve, who at the time was carrying their unborn child.