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10 Worst Animes Of All Time

Ghost Stories
Ghost Stories

In recent years, anime has had a breakthrough in the mainstream with series like Attack on Titan, One Punch Man, Demon Slayer, and Jujutsu Kaisen. 

However, anime has a dark, disturbing side to it too. If the casuals were to ever find these anime, the medium will lose all of its credibility in an instant. So, in this article, we’re going to list down the 10 worst anime of all time. 

1) Berserk (2016): 

If there is one dialogue that encapsulates the anime fandom’s thoughts on the 2016 Berserk, it is “Look how they massacred my boy”

Berserk 2016

The Berserk manga is a universally acclaimed masterpiece with an amazing plot, strong characters, and heavy themes. However, none of it could ever save this rendition of the manga. 

Personally, I don’t hate 3D CGI if it is done right, but this? This adaptation is a violation of Kentaro Miura’s human rights. 

2) Hanoka: 

What is this? Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion has become a weapon instead of controlling the Eva robot? 


Hanoka was Released in 2006, the era of flash animation. However, even this era refuses to accept Hanoka as its work. Given enough time, a High Schooler can make a better-looking anime in flash. 

As for the story, it must’ve been unique for 2006. Right now, this series has less favorable qualities than the words I can spend writing about it, zero. 

3) Pupa:

Honestly, when I first heard the title Pupa, I thought that this would be a title that the legendary late Satoshi Kon would use. The plot itself is quite interesting, as two siblings get infected by the Pupa virus.


Somehow, the virus turns one sibling into a man-eating beast while the other gains incredible regenerative powers. So, to protect the sister, the brother has to hide his sister and feed his body.

This reminded me of Tokyo Ghoul with a drastic twist. Unfortunately, it was nowhere near that. It is a weird mix of wholesome brother-sister scenes with toe-curling gore. This is the weirdest I have ever felt because of an anime.

4) Ex-Arm:

Possibly the most unappealing anime in recent times, Ex-Arm’s animation style has to be one of the worst decisions ever taken by a studio. 

Ex Arm

This weird mixture of CGI and 2D was so bad that it started a trend on Twitter and Instagram where people would hype up the anime to be the “zenith” of the medium. Honestly, that was more entertaining than all of the animes on this list combined.  

5) Psychic Wars:

In some bizarre turns of events, a doctor treats a cancerous growth in a person. This turns out to be a messenger from Japan’s past and foreshadows the attack of demons. 

Psychic Wars

So, the doctor decides to fight demons. It was so bad that even the voice actors didn’t bother to put in any work and treated Psychic Wars as a free check. 

6) Mars of Destruction: 

Mars of Destruction revolves around humanity as they fight allies known as “Ancients”. I genuinely don’t know what happened in it and why. 

Mars of Destruction

This one is just plain stupid. If you’re looking to have a laugh at something bad and feel better about yourself, this is the one. 

7) Wounded Man: 

Wounded Man, an OVA from the ‘80s is well, weird. The protagonist assaults a reporter and beats up her crew in the first episode. This is supposedly their warning that Brazil is so horrible that a Japanese person shouldn’t come there. 

Wounded Man

If this wasn’t enough, the girl he assaulted falls in love with him. As this list progresses, I am losing my ability to type.  

8) Skelter Heaven:

With a ground-breaking rating of 1.9 on MAL, Skelter Heaven revolves around high school girls with large breasts as they enlist in the military. While this sounds like an ecchi hit, it isn’t. 

Skelter Heaven

Just take my word for this, don’t watch it. It is so illogical that I can’t find a word for it.

9) Dark Cat: 

It takes talent to make something that is considered to be the worst in its medium with just one episode. 

Dark Cat

Two brothers can transform into cats. They have to stop a demonic plague that includes tentacles. It felt like the voice actors kept forgetting their lines and had to look down and find their dialogue in between and no one edited it. Or, they couldn’t believe that someone got paid for writing this. 

10) Ghost Stories:

Ghost Stories should be renamed Silly Stories. It has some bland characters who face monsters that we’ve seen more than a thousand times. It was just lackluster all around. 

Ghost Stories

However, I highly recommend the English dub of Ghost Stories. ADV Films were given full freedom to write whatever they wanted for the English script. And, they turned this into an unabridged version of the show, true gold.