10 Things You Didn’t Know About Spy x Family Explained!

spy x family
Spy x Family

The spring of 2022 was a big season for anime fans, with Spy X Family becoming a fan favorite! The anime follows Twilight, a spy who put his life at risk to maintain peace! 

His new mission requires him to build a fake family to strengthen his relations! This mission gave birth to the Forger family, whom we all love! Like us, many of you guys just can’t get enough out of the limited amount of episodes available right now, so we decided to make a trivia list of the best facts about the series.

Let’s not waste more time and get right into it! 

10) Parts Of Eden Academy Are Modeled After Real Locations: 

Eden Academy is the most prestigious private school in all of Ostania. Its architecture is just what one would expect from a prestigious school! After all, it uses real-life Universities as an influence! 

Eden academy Spy x Family

The entrance of Eden is similar to that of Humboldt University from Germany. Many of its other locations are heavily inspired by Oxford and Cambridge universities. 

For example, the dining hall resembles the dining hall of Oxford’s Christ Church, and Oxford’s famous Bridge of Sighs can be spotted in the academy too!  

9) Ostania And Westalis Are Influenced By East and West Germany:

The rocky relations between Ostania and Westalis are eerily similar to that of West and East Germany after WWII. When asked about this, Endo, the author stated that espionage and spy activities are the most thrilling during the cold wars. 

Ostana and Westalis over the map of Germany
Ostana and Westalis over the map of Germany
(Credit: MongyEnthusiast on Reddit)

Hence, he took inspiration from the situation in Germany but took the creative freedom of creating a fictional setting to have more freedom when writing! 

8) Anya’s Original Design Was Older And Taller:

Everyone loves the cute, small, and adorable mind-reading Anya Forger. But, did you know that she wasn’t always supposed to look like this? Endo, the author of the manga experimented with tons of character styles from the beautiful to sickly ones. 

Endo even experimented with her hairstyles and age! Originally, Anya was supposed to be older and taller! We met this version of Anya in the previous one-shot, Rengoku no Ashe! 

Needless to say, people would’ve loved Anya regardless! 

7) Twilight Used To Be A Soldier:

At some point in time, Twilight enlisted in the army to fight Ostania after their relentless attacks. This was shown during his backstory arc (link Loid Explained Article). 

Twilight as soldier Spy x Family

Tired of the attacks, Loid lied about his age and used a dead man’s identity to become a soldier, and was later discovered by WISE and recruited as a spy! 

6) Twilight Met Franky During The War:

During the backstory arc, Twilight also met his now closest friend, Franky. While he may not admit this, we all know it’s true! However, the two didn’t meet in the friendliest situation! 

Franky and Loid

Franky was a deserter from Ostania, while Twilight was a prideful soldier of Westalis. Twilight took pity on Franky as he was a deserter! After the Westalis soldiers caught on to them, the two parted ways, eventually meeting again as Spies and informants. 

5) Franky Was Originally Anya’s Uncle:

Originally, Franky wasn’t simply going to be an informant, he was going to be Anya’s blood uncle! However, it seems like Endo went against it to avoid unnecessary complications.

Franky Spy x Family

Now, Franky is more of an uncle figure to little Anya. Honestly, this goes better with the whole theme of a fake family!

4) Twilight Doesn’t Know His Real Name:

We all know that Loid Forger is not Twilight’s real name. After all, who would use their real name for a mission, right? 

Twilight Real Name

In his quest to become the greatest spy, Twilight seems to have forgotten his real name! Even during his flashbacks, he can only recall people calling him “advisor”, a nickname. 

3) Loid’s Front Job:

While you may think that Loid’s claim of being a psychiatrist is just a sham, that’s one of his jobs too! In the manga, Loid works at the Berlint General Hospital, and has a positive reputation among his colleagues! 

Loid as doctor Spy x Family

There are other WISE spies like Fiona working at the hospital to support Loid too! 

2) Spy X Family Has A Love Triangle:

Fiona, another master spy is a character who is known for her cold personality and professionalism. However, she is a big Twilight simp and only thinks about him! 

Yor and Fionna

This presents a funny love triangle as she constantly tries to overthrow Yor’s position as the wife! Anya has obviously sensed this, making it even better.

1) Loid’s Underpants Are Black: 

Loid’s biodata was provided to us in a recent fanbook published by Viz Media. In that, a lot of information about Twilight had been blacked out, like his real name, age, blood type, etc!


However, it provided us with extremely insightful and important information about Twilight: His underpants are black! While we haven’t witnessed them yet, I think that we can trust WISE on this!