Who Is Vegapunk? Is Vegapunk Really Dead In One Piece?

Here in Egghead, we discovered the shocking fact that Vegapunk was not one, but SEVEN people.

Vegapunk Satelites, One Piece

The genius Vegapunk finally made his appearance in the Egghead Island arc, however, his introduction definitely didn’t go as we thought it would. We first heard his name all the way back in chapter 433 and knew that he would be an integral part of the series at some point. Well, flash forward nearly 700 chapters and we finally arrived at his island.

Here we discovered the shocking fact that Vegapunk was not one, but SEVEN people. Or rather, he is one individual whose personality, memories, bodily functions, strengths, and flaws were separated into 6 Satellites.

These included Shaka the aspect of good, Lilith the aspect of Evil, Edison the Aspect of Thinking, Pythagoras the aspect of Wisdom, Atlas the aspect of Violence, and York the aspect of Greed; meanwhile his true body would be called Stella.

However, when each of these satellites has their own sense of self, it will eventually lead to conflict, and in particular this stemmed from a visit to Marie Geoise. When the vegapunks visited the Holy Land they saw the cruelty of the world nobles and were all disgusted by it; all with the exception of York. She saw the power, dominance and riches of the Nobles and wished to be just like them.

With this in mind, she approached the Gorosei to reveal that Vegapunk had been researching the void century, offering to help them capture him in exchange for being made into a celestial dragon herself.

The Gorosei would send marine ships headed by Cipher Pol and Admiral Kizaru to deal with Vegapunk, and one by one his bodies have been being taken out. First Shaka was shot in the head by York, and Pythagoras was soon to follow as he questioned S-Snake after she petrified Franky, Lilith and Usopp. Without a second though S-Snake knocked Pythagoras over and stomped on his head, killing him instantly.

Even Stella wasn’t safe from the invaders, as he reveals that he gave Bonney the ultimate control over the pacifistas, and is promptly kicked through the back by Saturn as a result. Luckily, Sanji and Bonney were close enough to grab Stella and try and take him to safety, but Kizaru still caught up to them and kills Vegapunk, with his heart stopping being a trigger for a world wide transmission about the void century.

Following Stella we also have Edison. As the strawhats prepared to leave Egghead, Edison had to stay behind with Lilith so they could drop the frontier dome after the Sunny escaped. However, Edison was unsure of what they could do with their life now that Stella was gone. In his last moments we see him giving Stussy permission to rescue Kaku before desyncing from Punk Records.

Now, importantly, we do not actually see him die. He looks incredibly damaged, he says his goodbye to Stussy, and then York claims he isn’t connected to Punk Records. So while it is heavily implied, he could still very much be alive. If I had to guess, he is still alive and will be responsible for ensuring the Mother Flame does not entirely fall into the world government’s hands.

Aside from him, that leaves 3 living Satellites. Lilith, who is with Nami’s group on the Sunny as they attempt to make their escape, Atlas who is on the Giant’s ship with Luffy and Bonney, and of course, York, who is aligned with the Gorosei and helping them find and kill her fellow Satellites.

There is, however, one final piece to the puzzle. Vegapunk’s true head was kept separate of Stella as it became more difficult for him to move around with it. While the Stella body might have been killed, there is still the question of whether the genius mind of Vegapunk is still being kept alive in his lab through this head. If it is, we could possibly see his consciousness passing into another satellite, or even a machine similar to the giant robot.