Who Is Uraume In Jujutsu Kaisen? Cursed Technique Explained

Uruame is the only subordinate of Sukuna.

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Uraume was first introduced in Chapter 53 and is one of the most interesting characters in Jujutus Kaisen.

Even after 200+ chapters, Uraume’s gender is not known, but this is just the start.

Uruame is the only subordinate of Sukuna. Infact, Sukuna who does not care about anyone, was even pleased to see Uraume in the modern era.

Who is Uraume? In this article, we will discuss exactly this and also tell you about what is known about her cursed technique.

Who Is Uraume?

The Frozen Star, Uraume, is a sorcerer from the Heain Era and the only known subordinate of the King of Curses.

As mentioned, Uraume’s gender is still not known; thus, in this article, we will refer to Uraume as they / them.

In the manga, Uruame is described as a monk with chin-length white hair and an irregular line of dark plum pink color running across the back of their head.


They have dark pink eyes with long eyelashes and wear a plain monk robe of dark blue, which has a white color on the innermost layer.

They usually adorn a blank, expressionless face outside of battle and appear androgynous.

Uraume was first introduced during the Goodwill event arc, where they were shown silently standing behind Kenjaku, Gojo, and Mahito.

Uraume is extremely loyal to Sukuna and is ready to attack anyone approaching Sukuna who they deem a threat or do not know about.

They are also the one who prepared the bath ritual for Sukuna so that he could completely realize his power and subdue his host’s soul.

The only reason they are allowed to stand beside Sukuna is because of their cooking skills and because they are also sorcerers.

Not only are they good at cooking, but they also have exceptional talent and experience at cooking humans, as Sukuna enjoys eating people.

This does not mean that they are weak. In chapter 134, they blocked Choso’s piercing blood with just their hands. Moreover, they even survived Gojo’s punch straight on.

In chapter 238, they also survived Kinji Hakari’s domain expansion.

Now that we know about her, let’s see what her cursed technique is.

Uraume’s Cursed Technique

Uraume’s innate technique is called Ice Formation, which gives them the ability to not only create but also manipulate ice.

The attacks can range from small to large quantities, depending on what Uraume desires.

One of the named attacks of their innate technique is called Frost Calm. In this, Uraume channels a cloud of freezing mist from their mouth and blows it towards the enemy.

This mist then materializes into large columns of thick ice that ensnare the enemy.

We saw Uraume use this to trap Panda, Noritoshi, and others in chapter 135, after which Geto asked them not to kill everyone.


Another one of their techniques is called Icefall. After covering their hands in frost and touching the ground, Uraume generates a large amount of spiked ice that they can control.

They can also make them float telekinetically in the air.

Uraume then freezes their target and drops the ice shard they had kept flooating on the enemy.

Also in chapter 134, they used this technique to kill everyone present as the climax of Shibuya, but failed to kill everyone, as Yuki interfiered.