Who Is The Blackbeard In One Piece? How Did He Get Two Devil Fruit?

One of the Most Dangerous Yonko, capable of hurting Shanks. Who is he? What are his goals? Let’s find out!

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Marshal D Teach aka Blackbeard is a coward, opportunistic, and cunning pirate. Serving as the captain of Blackbeard pirates, he is one of the four Emperors of the Sea. He is literally built different, as he does not need sleep and is the only person to have more than one devil fruit!

Currently known devil fruits he possesses are Yami Yami no mi (Darkness) and Gura Gura no mi (Quake). Many believe he already has a third devil fruit due to the triplet motives used in his character design.

But, how did he get two devil fruits in the first place!?

How Did Blackbeard Obtain Two Devil Fruits?

Blackbeard obtained Yami Yami no mi by stealing the fruit from Thatch by killing him and Gura Gura no mi from Whitebeard’s body after his death.

According to the manga, Marshal D Teach was a 12-year-old orphan, when he asked Whitebeard to join his crew.

He was taken in as an apprentice by Whitebeard. Eventually, he became a member of the crew’s 2nd division.

Similar to Blackbeard, Edward Newgate was an orphan and longed for a family. That’s why after the dissolution of Rocks Pirates, he created his own pirate crew with a strong emphasis on familial bonds. In Whitebeard Pirates, he was a father and all the crewmates were his sons and he treated them like his son.

To avoid disputes among each other he had many rules and breaking them was forbidden. Two such rules, which are important in Blackbeard’s case are:

  • Whoever finds the devil fruit has the right to eat it.
  • The members of the Whitebeard pirate crew are forbidden from killing another crew member.

Latter of which, was seen as a betrayal against the family. After 26 years of being with Whitebeard pirates, Teach saw what he was searching for, Yami Yami no mi. He believed that Yami Yami no mi is the ultimate devil fruit, going so far as to even memorize the pattern to identify it if he ever encountered it.


Unfortunately for him, the Fourth Division Commander Thatch had found the fruit. For Teach, Yami Yami no mi was something he could not compromise for, something against which no familial bonds mattered. He broke both the above-mentioned rules and killed Thatch to obtain the devil fruit and ran away.

Teach’s betrayal filled everyone with rage, they all wanted Blackbeard dead, but Whitebeard stopped them. He told them to not go after him but the Second Division commander Ace was not on board with it. His sense of justice didn’t let him. He broke Whitebeard’s order and went hunting Blackbeard.

After years of tracking Teach, Ace found him on Banaro Island. Teach showed Ace the true power of his devil fruit and dominated the fight, defeating Ace.


He then handed over Ace to the Marines in exchange for the title of the Warlord of the Sea. As expected, this title was just a tool for Blackbeard as it let him enter Impel Down without any restriction and free the convicts he wanted in his pirate crew.

The Marines then announced Ace’s execution to be held at Marineford, which became the battleground of an epic war between Marines and the Whitebeard Pirates.

The Marines even summoned all the Warlords of the Sea but still could not stop Whitebeard and Luffy from rescuing Ace. Akainu attempted to kill Luffy but Ace sacrificed himself and thus was killed.

In a fit of rage, Whitebeard takes on Navy Admiral Akainu and dominates the fight, and defeats him. However, he did take a major hit from Akainu, worsening his already frail condition.

Blackbeard later arrives at the scene with his now-complete Blackbeard Pirates. Newgate could not bear to see Blackbeard in front of him and charges toward him and dominates the fight again!

At last, Whitebeard’s poor health and all the damage he took during the fight against the Navy, caught up to him and he was unable to move.

In a last-ditch effort, he tries to attack but Teach shoots him with his gun. The rest of the Blackbeard pirates follow through with a barrage of attacks, killing the strongest man in the world, Whitebeard.

Whitebeard VS Blackbeard

While everybody thought that this was the end, Blackbeard had other plans. His pirates then cover Whitebeard’s dead body with a black, opaque cloth and Blackbeard does something inside. We don’t know what he did to Whitebeard’s body but after that, he also possesses the man’s Gura Gura no mi devil fruit!

This is how Blackbeard aka Marshal D Teach obtained two devil fruits.

We hope this helped you learn about Blackbeard and how he possesses multiple devil fruit. Stay tuned to know his ultimate goal in One Piece!

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