Who Is Shoko Ieiri In Jujutsu Kaisen?

While she wasn’t as strong as her classmates, Shoko is special too!

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We know Shoko Ieiri as a somewhat sleepy and not-interested-in-anybody type of person, but who really is she?

Let’s take a look at the primary doctor at Jujutsu High in detail!

Who Is Shoko Ieiri In Jujutsu Kaisen?

The third second year alongside the hyperactive Gojo and Geto was the nonchalant Ieri Shoko! 

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While she wasn’t as strong as her classmates, Shoko is special too! She is the best human user of Reversed Cursed Energy we know so far, with the ability to even regenerate limbs, something even Gojo can’t do!

As a high schooler, we first saw her when she, Gojo, and Geto went to check up on Mei Mei and Utahime after they didn’t return from a mission in two days. 

While Gojo makes fun of Utahime, Shoko roasts him back, showing their friendly relations.

Shoko would occasionally hang out with her two classmates. However, things become serious as Gojo and Geto start to argue about the need to protect the weak. 

Shoko simply runs away and avoids the conversation completely! This is a recurring dynamic between these three, as Shoko is too aloof to care about such things. 

Still, she’d be serious and fearsome like any other sorcerer when needed, right? RIGHT? 

The answer is, not at all! After Geto massacred a whole village and went MIA, Shoko encountered her former classmate in Shinjuku.

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She asked Geto about what he did in a simple and straightforward way, and didn’t have a particularly strong reaction, and even called him childish!

Hell, this woman had the gall to call Gojo right in front of him! 

Even during the current timeline, she works as the primary doctor for Jujutsu High, which minimizes her interactions with people and curses. 

Furthermore, she is still the same stoic person even when dealing with her patients. 

When Yuji died at the start of the manga, Shoko just wanted to perform the autopsy and get it over with.

She even said that Gojo was being more emotional than usual. 

Even when her life is in danger, it doesn’t seem to faze her! During the Shibuya Incident, Shoko was a high-value target but she was pretty chill about it. 

Hell, she even insisted that Yaga didn’t have to stay back to protect her, just a few curses would be enough. 

Still, she isn’t heartless! Apparently, Shoko thinks about her high school days quite often, and lights up a smoke to reminisce, even though she has quit the habit!

She even smiled while watching Gojo prepare for his fight against Sukuna in the recent chapters!

Shoko’s Cursed Technique:

Shoko’s Cursed Technique is the Reversed Cursed Technique, which allows the user to heal themselves or others.

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It allows a sorcerer to output Reversed Cursed Energy which is similar to positive energy.

Rare as it is, this technique is extremely hard to use, even for Gojo Satoru.

But, Shoko has a natural knack for it, allowing her to even regenerate lost limbs and save people.

This is why she became a doctor at Jujutsu High. While we have never seen her fight, it seems like she didn’t learn how to use other cursed techniques.

So far, it is unknown whether she can engage in fights against stronger curses.

However, she has also passed the national examination to get a doctor’s license and practice it, making her an indispensable tool for the Jujutsu world.

As then manga enters its final stretch, it will be interesting to see if we get to learn how Shoko and Techniques!