Who Are Quincy In Bleach? All Quincy Techniques Explained

The Quincy used their ability to manipulate reishi to fight hollows and protect themselves.

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Bleach: Thousand Years Blood War Season 2 is very close, and the antagonists of the season are, of course, Qunicy.

In this article, we will tell you about all the Quincy techniques that are shown in the manga. So that you are well-equipped for the coming season.

First, we should understand who Quincy is, so let’s start there.

Who Are Quincy?

Quincy is a race of humans who are able to see hollows, Shinigamis, and Souls. Moreover, they can also manipulate Reishi, aka spirit particles.

The Quincy used their ability to manipulate reishi to fight hollows and protect themselves.


Throughout history, Shinigami and Quincy were never on good terms. This was their execution method for Hollows.

Where shinigami cleanse the souls of hollows to bring them back into the cycle, Quincy completely destroys the soul of the hollow. Meaning that the soul is lost for everyone.

Destroying the souls in huge numbers creates an imbalance of souls, which is completely against what the Soul Society works for.

Now that we have an idea of who Quincy is, let’s learn the various techniques they employ when they fight.

Quincy Techniques

There are various techniques that Quincy employs during their fight, but all of them are under the efficient control of Reishi.

Below are some of the most common techniques used by Quincy.


Quincy are special, but they are still humans; hence, they prefer to fight from a distance.

Thus, Quincies are masters of Archery. The Reishi bow Quincy creates also allows them to release multiple arrows at the same time.


Ginto is a special capsule-shaped tool in which a Qunicy can store their Reishi.

The tool can later be used by Quincy to perform various techniques. We see Uryu with them after losing his Quincy power.


Hirenkyaku is an advanced Quincy movement technique. By riding on the flow of Reishi created below their feet, Qunicy are able to travel at high speed.

It is their version of Shinigami’s Shunpo.


Another Quincy movement technique This allows Quincy to teleport themselves and others.

Using this technique, the Quincy envoy was able to enter and exit Squad 1 barracks.


Blut is a Quincy technique to mix one’s blood with the Resihi, which gives them offensive and defensive abilities.

Blut Vene is the defensive form that increases one’s defense. Using this Sternritter F was able to tank Byakuya’s Senbon Sakura attack head-on.

This was what saved Yhwach from Genryusai’s Bankai’s scorching flames.

yhwach using blut

The Aggressive version of this is called Blut Arterie. It drastically increases one’s combat ability.

As both techniques work with different types of Reishi systems, they cannot be wielded together.

Special Quincy Techniques

These are some special techniques Quincy uses in his battles. Let’s learn what they are:


Primarily created for the elderly, Ransotengai allows users to control their bodies using strings of Reishi.

Even the elderly Quincy was able to fight as a result of this. This allows the user to move their body as if they were puppets themselves. It is similar to Neferpitou’s puppeteering technique.

Using this, one can move freely despite paralysis or broken limbs. It is such a difficult technique that out of Mayuri’s 2661 Quincy test subjects, no one was shown to be able to do it.

Letzt Stil

Letzt Stil is akin to Bankai of the Shinigami, where Quincy reaches their strongest level. This is achieved when one removes the Sanrei Glove from their hand.

It gives the user immense power and control over Reishi, so much so that Uryu was even able to extract Reishi from the surrounding Structures.

Though a drawback of this technique is that one will lose all of their Quincy powers,


Vollstadig is an advanced and improved version of the previously discussed Letzt Stil. Similar to Arrancar’s Zanpakuto release, this technique also changes the appearance of the user.


The new form varies for each user, but pretty much everybody gains wings of Reishi. They also seem to get a star-like Halo above them called Heiligenschein.

Using Vollstandig gives the user complete dominance over Reishi and the ability to fly. The user also gets their spiritual awareness raised, allowing them to sense spiritual pressure from faraway distances.

With all the benefits it provides, it is very taxing on the user’s stamina, and if Heiligenschein gets destroyed, they lose the power granted by Vollstanndig.

A Quincy is also unable to Vollstandig if they possess the stolen Bankai of a Shinigami.

Blut Vene Anhaben

This is an advanced technique of blut vene where one projects the veins onto the ground, forming a dome force field to protect themselves from incoming attacks.

Yhwach is the only one shown to use it.

Kichenlied: Sankt Zwinger

Used by Royd Lloyd during his fight as Yhwach against Genryusai, Sankt Zwinger is the greatest defensive technique of a Quincy.

It is cast by generating a number of Roman numeral-inscribed constructs from the five fingers of the outstretched hand. Several columns in the shape of the Quincy Cross are erected.

Though we could not see it in action, Royd described that once anything enters within its confines, the light of God will strike them dead.

These were all the Quincy Techniques shows in the series. I hope you enjoyed this article.