What Is The Black Flash in Jujutsu Kaisen? All Known Users Explained

A technique so strong with which an ordinary man could exert force 28 times that of a tiger’s bite.

Black Flash FI
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In Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 48, we saw one of the most powerful techniques in the series, the Black Flash. A technique so strong, with which an ordinary man could exert force 28 times that of a tiger’s bite!

Black Flash is so difficult to pull off that no sorcerer can use it at will, but they also won’t pull it off, if they don’t intend to. Even the pinnacle of power, Satoru Gojo cannot pull it off at will.

What Is The Black Flash?

For a sorcerer to use Black Flash, their mind needs to be in a high-concentration state. Many sorcerers, when using the technique for the first time, drool due to the totality of their focus.

With Black Flash, the power of impact increases by a power of 2.5 times the original. The Youtube channel Broken Ronin conceptualizes this increase in power nicely with the following example,

A normal human has a punching force of about 60 psi. Now if such a human would use Black Flash, the resulting punch would exert a force 28 times greater than a tiger’s bite force or 19 times greater than Jaguar’s bite force, which can easily break a black bear’s skull.

Now, replace the normal person with a Jujutsu sorcerer like Nanami or Aoi Todo, and their hits will be incomparable!

Itadori vs Hanami

While it sounds cool and overpowered, it is just as difficult to pull it off. Other than insane concentration, users also need immense control over their cursed energy.

The sorcerer must hit the target with cursed energy within 0.000001 seconds of the physical impact.

This creates a distortion of space, which causes an immense increase in impact force and releases a black-colored cursed energy with a red aura around them.

To experience a Black Flash is to experience the real taste of their own cursed energy. This experience immensely increases their understanding of the essence of cursed energy.

All The Known Users Of Black Flash:

Yuta Okkotsu:

Black Flash Yuta

Yuta Okkotsu is a special-grade sorcerer who is hailed as the second-strongest sorcerer after Gojo.

During the events of the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 movie version, the young sorcerer used the Black Flash to fight against Geto.

Kugisaki Nobara:

Nobara and Yuji Black Flash together

Nobara Kugisaki is a Grade 3 sorcerer and a first-year at Jujutsu High.

Her abilities were recognized by Todo, who had recommended her to be a Grade 1 sorcerer.

During her and Yuji’s fight against Eso and Kechizu, the duo landed Black Flash at the same time. However, we have only seen her use the Black Flash once.

Yuji Itadori:

Yuji Black Flash

Yuji Itadori is the protagonist and arguably the most adept at using Black Flash!

At the Goodwill Event, Aoi Todo taught Yuji how to effectively use his cursed energy in conjunction with his exceptional speed and strength and challenged Yuji to fight Hanami.

This enabled him to unleash Black Flash. Furthermore, it tied it with Nanami by using the technique four times consecutively.

While fighting against Eso and Kechizu, Nobara and Yuji used Black Flash simultaneously to defeat the Death Paintings.

Later, he used Black Flash multiple times against Mahito, utilizing the opportunity Todo provided by his cursed technique, Boogie Woogie.

Mahito got defeated by Yuji, who landed one final Black Flash on him.

Nanami Kento:

Nanami Black Flash

Master in hand-to-hand combat, Nanami Kento is a grade 1 sorcerer and holds the record for the highest consecutive Black Flash.

He achieved this feat during the Night Parade of a Hundred Demons in Kyoto, but Nanami attributes it to simply getting lucky.

Regarding Black Flash, Nanami said,

Using Black Flash consecutively isn’t amazing; using it more than twice would be difficult to do consecutively or on the same day.


Mahito vs Itadori

Mahito is a special-grade cursed spirit capable of transfiguring humans by touching their soul and altering it.

During the Shibuya Arc, after Mahito kills Nanami and Nobara, Yuji gets depressed. Capitalizing on that, Mahito lands a Black Flash on him.

Later, when Todo encourages Yuji to rise up again, both fight Mahito together. Mahito finds fighting against Todo’s Boogie Woogie very difficult.

So, using Idle Transfiguration, he cuts Todo’s arm off and uses Black Flash against him.

Aoi Todo

Todo Black Flash

Aoi Todo is a grade 1 Jujutsu sorcerer; he was the one to recommend that Nobara be promoted from grade 3 to grade 1 and taught Yuji to use Black Flash.

During his fight against Mahito, along with Yuji, they dominated the fight. He even managed to perform Black Flash by kicking Mahito, as he did not want to be left behind by his brother’s (Yuji’s) growth.

These are all the characters in the series who have been shown to use the technique.

Though there are many other characters who must have used Black Flash, like Geto, Gojo, and other powerful sorcerers.

We hope this article helped you understand Black Flash. Stay tuned as we cover all Shonen-related news and article.