The True Identity Of Joy Boy’s Ancient Robot In One Piece REVEALED!

The ancient robot is the ultimate key to unlocking the secrets of the Void Century. They have stood vigilant for 800 years in hopes of Joy Boy’s Return.

Ancient Robot, One Piece

The Ancient Robot has been a central mystery throughout the entirety of the Egghead arc – however the latest chapters have confirmed the truth about this technological titan – and everything starts with Vegapunk.

Ever since we were introduced to Vegapunk we have primarily seen his personality expressed through the Satellites – these are the 6 people who embody the personality and memories of Vegapunk himself.

Because of this, the Satellites exist as their own unique entities who are part of one whole being.

While this might seem as though this is on the cutting edge of science that is only accessible to geniuses like Vegapunk, in reality it is something that you can find all over the One Piece world, except it is in a place you might not expect.

Just as vegapunk imbued these Satellites with his own mind, great swordsmen are able to embue their own energy and haki into their swords – this is how black blades are created. We could even go one step further and see how the strawhat’s love for the merry would become manifested as a Klabautermann.

None of these are some new technique, and instead they are simply forms of transferring Emotion, Energy, or Thought – traits which when combined could be considered a person’s will; their Haki.

This idea is rooted all the way back to the Ancient Kingdom. A nation known for its mastery of haki; to the point where it could even be used to power machines like the Iron Giant.

This kingdom hadn’t JUST been infusing their haki into the giant though, and one member of Joyboy’s crew also passed along their memories and personalities as well.

The True name of the Ancient Robot was Emeth, and their consciousness was sent into this machine so that the secrets of the void century could be passed on to the future. While the Poneglyphs acted as a written record, Emeth could explain and interpret these tablets for the next generations.

You could almost consider Emeth to be a fail safe to the fail safe. As we have seen, the modern era has essentially been wiped clean of anyone who can read the poneglyphs – so even if they WERE available, they are useless if no one can understand them.

Because of this, Emeth became the Ancient robot to fill in those gaps.

More importantly though, the robot would be able to react to and become powered by the Haki of Joy Boy and Nika specifically. As we saw in chapter 1119, when Emeth comes to life he hears the final instructions of Joyboy, saying “Listen Emeth, When the time comes you must…”.

They had been sent on a mission to lay low until a time when Joyboy was actually present and the world government could effectively be challenged.