The Impact Of Vegapunk’s Broadcast In The World Of One Piece Explained!

Vegapunk, One Piece

Vegapunk’s transmission to the world has finally reached its conclusion; however, with it being broken up over MONTHS worth of chapters, it can be a little difficult to really appreciate the whole message as it has been divided into so many parts. We received genuinely world changing information, but because of how drawn out his speech has been, it feels worn down and tired already. So let’s take a look at what Vegapunk really had to say and what it means for the one piece world – without all of the fluff getting in the way.

With the gorosei and marines on their way to kill him, Vegapunk understood that his life was about to end. As such, he spent the last moments of his life preparing a transmission for the rest of the world to share the government’s greatest secrets, and to give humanity enough information to fairly choose their own path forward.

Importantly, he was not trying to dictate how they should act, and instead was simply trying to equip everyone else with the knowledge needed to truly understand their situation. Whether they decide to partner with the World Government, Pirates, or Revolutionaries it didn’t matter – as long as they were informed when they made that choice. To this end, he asks that the world knows that the people who killed him are not evil, regardless of who they are.

This wasn’t a message of judgment on good or evil because he doesn’t have enough information to do that fairly, it was purely a notice on the current state of the world.

With this in mind, 10 minutes after his death his transmission began. More important than the path forward though, is the course that the world was already one – but for everyone to fully understand their situation, Vegapunk begins by confessing to his two great sins, and how those were leading to the world sinking into the ocean.

Vegapunk describes how he always sought to build a world of peace and prosperity; and in pursuit of that, he created a nearly infinite energy source called Mother Flame. This was his first sin.

To earn the trust of those watching, he begins with a prediction that an earthquake would cause cataclysmic damage and lead to the sea levels rising by a meter – something which ended up happening that morning. He explains that this earthquake was not a natural occurrence, and instead it had been created by humanity.

However, this wasn’t the result of some modern conflict; rather it was just the next phase in a war that started between 900 and 800 years ago in the void century. He mentions how the study and discussion of this time had been forbidden, but through studying poneglyphs, a glimpse into that lost history was possible. That said, this was only made possible as he had inherited documents from the scholars of Ohara which allowed him to decipher the ancient tablets.

And thus, betraying the World Government by researching the Void Century was his second sin. Even despite his best efforts, he only came to understand fragments of that lost age: All surrounding the first pirate, a man Named Joyboy who was born in an ancient kingdom and who embodied traits of the Sun God Nika.

Joyboy and the World Government would wage war against each other; however Vegapunk was unsure of the cause, assuming it must be an ideological clash of some kind.

Joyboy’s kingdom, though ancient, was advanced beyond comprehension, with weapons that far exceeded modern science.

The war ended with Joyboy’s death, but the effects on the world are still felt to this day. While now nations are separated into small islands scattered across the ocean, the world of the void century was instead composed of several large continents – Continents which were plunged under 200 Meters of water due to these great and terrifying ancient weapons.

The same weapons which are still present in the world today, and which caused the sea level to rise a meter just that morning after being used to destroy lulusia. An apocalyptic threat that was only made possible by Vegapunk’s creation of mother flame, as a part of it had been stolen and used for fuel for one of the weapons.

This isn’t where his transmission ended though, as he goes on to tell the world that while his own understanding is limited, Gol Roger’s crew know the full story of the void century.

All that was left for Vegapunk’s message was to speak to those Marks with D in their name, saying that among them is… something. As Vegapunk concludes his message, the transmission is cut out by the Gorosei and the world is left hanging on the edge of their seat.

It wouldn’t be until Luffy reentered gear 5 that the den den mushi would get a second wind and continue a spotty broadcast. Here, Vegapunk talks about the inherited will of the D Clan.

While no one really knows what Vegapunk’s last words were meant to convey, it is at least understood now that the D Clan is tied to the void century, the government, and the ancient weapons which are being used to sink the world.