Spy x Family: Who Is Loid Forger? Why Did He Become A Spy?

Loid Spy x Family
Spy x Family

Loid Forger, the father of Anya Forger, is an elegant man. However, he lives two lives—one, as a well-respected man in Ostania, and the other as a spy. While we all know this, do you ever wonder why Loid decided to become a spy? Who is he anyway? Well, don’t worry, we’re here to answer all your questions!

Loid’s True Identity:

Loid Forger is better known as Twilight, the greatest spy in the world. Working with the organization WISE, Loid has sworn loyalty to Westalis. When he became a spy, Loid threw away his hopes of ever living an ordinary life.

As Twilight, he shed everything personal to him, even his actual name to the point he doesn’t even remember it. As a spy, Loid’s job is to prevent incidents that might negatively affect the relations between the West and the East! 

His job is tougher than it seems, especially due to the other side’s constant attempts of trying to start a war. 

Twilight Spy x Family

For his missions, Twilight has dated and manipulated countless people in power and used every means even their daughters’ emotions, just like he did at the very start of the series! 

He dated the daughter of the Foreign Minister, Karen (yes, that’s her name), and retrieved photos of him wearing a hairpiece, which was supposedly enough to get him to resign! 

The current story follows his latest mission “Operation Strix”, where he has to stop Donovan Desmond from harming truce efforts between Ostania and Westalia.

For this, he had one week to not only form a stable family, with a wife and child, BUT he has to enroll his child in the most prestigious school in Ostania, Eden Academy!

For this mission, Twilight took on the name “Loid Forger”. His last name, Forger is a nod towards his real identity in the sense that he is a spy and that Loid Forger doesn’t actually exist! 

Loid’s Past: 

In chapter 62 of the manga, we finally get to see Loid’s backstory! He was a cute, smart kid who grew up in a good neighborhood with his parents. 

He and his friends used to play a game similar to catch, where one team would be the “good guys” and the other would be the “bad guys”. During this game, there’s a callback to the time Anya was kidnapped, as Loid says the same dialogue, with the same intensity and expression.

Loid’s friends would buy “military game sets” where they’d have toy guns and could shoot people with them. However, Loid’s parents never bought him the military set, so he would use a makeshift weapon. 

They weren’t poor, Loid’s father simply didn’t want him and kids his age to engage in such games. 

This can be seen when his father reacts aggressively and even slaps Loid when he insists that he will join the army and fight in the war when he grows up, just like the rest of the boys. It is later revealed that Loid’s father worked in the military at a high post as well, which explains his views. 

Spy x Family Twilight gets slapped by fahter

By now, it should be apparent that the country has been in a state of war for a while, and now, the new generation is being injected with extreme patriotism to almost nurture them into living in a pro-war country. 

As a child, Loid would never lie. However, there was one instance where he did. He told his dad that he needs to buy a reference book and bought a toy gun set with it instead. 

Loid, being an honest child, felt repulsed and disgusted by his impulsive decision. He wanted to admit that he lied, but knew that he most likely would’ve been slapped again, and chickened out. 

He later decided to earn money and pay his father back by earning the money! To do so, he asked to work part-time at a bakery nearby. While inquiring, a deafening sound of explosion surrounds the area. 

During all of this, Loid fainted. He woke up in the middle of the road, buildings destroyed. Fortunately for Loid, he had been wearing a toy helmet, which shielded him from small debris. 

While trying to process what was happening, he gets to know that an all-out war has begun between the two nations. Loid was then reunited with his mother. However, he spent quite some time hiding near furniture, crying. 

Sadly, this isn’t the end of his pain and suffering, either. When Loid and his mother were staying in his uncle’s house, he had gone to the nearby pond to fish. Suddenly, another bombing raid began. 

Fortunately, Loid survived. However, we see the panel from chapter 1, as Loid stood in the middle of the road, injured, crying his ears out. 

Loid believes that nobody reached their hand out to save him, who was just a child. He had to scurry around in poverty for years, knowing that he was all alone in this big world. He even said that the only things left in the world were those he despised. 

So, he joined the army as a way to vent his frustration and enact revenge. However, to do so, he had to create a different name and identity as he was not old enough to join the army. 

Loid called himself Roland Spoofy. This is perhaps the beginning of the legend of Twilight. In the army, Loid rose through the ranks quickly, However, one day, he came across an Ostanian deserter who was caught in one of his traps. 

Out of pity, Loid spared the man, and even made small talk with him. But, this deserter created conflict in Loid’s mind like how humans perceive violence. The deserter hoped to make Loid realize that the fight was between the elite and that people like them were just pawns. 

Franky and Loid

At the moment, Loid becomes frustrated and loses his cool, causing him to get injured by an Ostanian soldier chasing after the deserter. After losing his qualification to fight on the frontlines due to the injury, he was lost again. 

That’s when he was reunited with his childhood friends, whom he believed was dead! He invited them to have drinks with him after their mission but unfortunately, that mission was a complete failure, leading to their deaths. 

He believed that if his side had known what the enemy was aiming for, his friends would’ve been alive. But, soldiers like him knew nothing. That’s when he realized the truth hidden in the deserter’s words. 

Loid had an epiphany: his entire life had been a life. First, he was told that no war would happen, and he lost everything to it. He then joined the army and killed countless men, blindly following orders. 

He thinks to himself “Ignorance isn’t bliss. Ignorance is a weakness. Ignorance is a sin.” 

Suddenly, Loid was greeted by a man who knew his true name, age, and even the man whose name Loid had borrowed! This man was a part of the intelligence unit of the military! 

To the man, Loid was of unbelievable talent. And, this way, Loid could achieve his goals too. From then on, he made Loid a part of the intelligence unit, and the rest is history! 

Code Name Twilight, the man had become the greatest spy in history, capable of completing any mission flawlessly!