One Punch Man Just Scaled Saitama to Multi Universal Level!

The Leader of the Ninja Village has proven to be a bigger threat than we imagined!

One Punch Man

Chapter 201 of the One Punch Man manga has been released, and it finally reveals the true powers of the leader of the Ninja Village! While fans of the series expected him to be insanely strong and have tons of ninjutsu, nobody expected “that man” to truly be one of the strongest beings in the series!

After all, in the original webcomic by ONE, the leader died an off-screen death at the hands of Saitama.

However, chapter 201 of the One Punch Man manga shows the leader pulling out the big guns against Flashy Flash and Speed-O-Sound Sonic as he uses the Dimension Slash! This attack is performed by the leader after he exits into a place where the law of Casualty is not followed, allowing him to slash through any dimension as he pleases!

opm dimension slash

Fortunately, Blast manages to save the day for Flashy Flash and Sonic, showing off his powers as well!

While Saitama is nowhere to be seen right now, we all know that he’s going to swoop in to defeat the Leader! This is because of the events that transpired in the webcomic as mentioned above. Saitama can defeat the leader with ease, meaning he can survive such outrageous attacks!

What are your thoughts on the chapter?