One Piece: What Is King’s Lunarian Race? Theory Explained

While we don’t know everything about them, their importance to the overarching plot of One Piece seems be huge.

One Piece

One Piece is a lore-rich manga, with a massive world, multiple races with unique features, abilities, and circumstances. One such race are the Lunarians. Introduced through King, the second-in comannd of Kaido’s Beast Pirates, these people deserve all your attention!

While we don’t know everything about them, their importance to the overarching plot of One Piece seems be huge. So, let’s take a look!

Lunarians: Ancient God Of The One Piece World!

According to Whitebeard, the Lunarians were once considered to be the gods of the One Piece world. Apparently, used to reside atop the Red Line and held tremendous power.

lunarian whitebeard explained

However, the Lunarians have essentially vanished. It is apparent that this due to their conflict with the World Government, which has always aimed to eradicate anything or anyone related to the Ancient Kingdom or its allies.

In fact, the World Government is so desperate that they will reward more than 100 Million berries just for intel about a Lunarian!

King, the only know survivor of the race, has his origins tracing back to the World Government too. Kaido found a child named Alber on Punk Hazard, a big laboratory for the World Government. After rescuing him, Kaido renamed the kid as King.

Lunarians And Connections To Other Races:

All information that we have about Lunarians is through King. King is a very tall individual, but we cannot say if it’s true for the race in general.

However, it is confirmed that all of them have black-feathered wings on their backs, brown skin, and silver-white hair. They also have fire emitting from their backs, which we will explain a bit later in the article.

During the Skypiea arc, the Straw Hat pirates met a race of people with wings on their backs. The Land was said to be inhabited by four tribes: Skypieans, people with small wings pointing upward; Shandians (previously known as Shandorians), who possess larger wings that point upward as well; Birkans, people with wings pointing downwards.

enei 4 gods lunarians

Later, in Enei’s space operations, a chapter cover mini-series, it was revealed that the three tribes used to live on the moon, and came to Earth after exhausting the natural sattelite’s resources. They decided to settle on Skypiea and Birka.

Coming back to the Lunarians, “Luna” is the latin word of “moon”. And, the wings possessed by Lunarians make it almost apparent that they are the fourth tribe! The connections don’t end here, as in chapter 1035 of the manga, King revealed his face.

He had been hiding his true identity to protect himself from the World Government. However, fans were quickly able to identify some similarity in King’s physical appearance with another character; Wiper from Skypiea.

Wiper is a Shandian warrior and has a similar face structure and tribal tattoo to King.

But, how does this connect to the plot of One Piece? 

Lunarians And Joy Boy:

The Lunarians are a race from the Void Century. As we know, learning anything about the Void Century is forbidden, and that’s when the 20 Kingdoms came together to defeat the Ancient Kingdom.

Perhaps the most important figure from the Void Century is Joy Boy. It is said that Joy Boy reached Laugh Tale, the final island that hosts the One Piece. Every major character, from the Yonko to the World Government has mentioned how important he is.

Furthermore, his return has been hinted at multiple times so far. While we don’t know much about Joy Boy, one of the most popular theories connects him to another mysterious yet important figure: Sun God Nika.

Nika was a legendary warrior, revered as the Sun God by slaves from ancient times, whom he had liberated.

sun god nika and lunarians

When taking a look at the lore behind the name, “Nike” means victory in Greek. Also, in the Javanese language, victory is”Jaya”. An ancient, legendary king from Java was called Joyoboyo, which sounds a lot like Joy Boy. Joyoboyo was a strong and wise king, who brought prosperity to his kingdom.

Many fans believe that Joy Boy is Sun God Nika, the King of the ancient kingdom. And, he’s the one who fought against the World Government during the Void Century and lost.

This is where Lunarians come in. Being people from the Moon, there’s a good chance that they were allies of Joy Boy, hence leading to their prosecution by the World Government.

Lunarians can also control fire, which could tie them to the Sun God. Furthermore, before the recent developments, Nika was shown to strong resemble a Shandian warrior, who looks similar to Luffy in the Skypiea arc.

Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece is still introducing new plot points that are possibly monumental to the plot of the series, like the Lunarians 20 years after its debut. With a world so vast and unique, it is unavoidable to meet new revelations every other day, which is something the fans of the series appreciate. Lunarians are one such part of One Piece, and perhaps, one of the most important ones!